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Printed/Custom Lanyards

Eco-friendly Lanyards

The environment is front of mind with many people these days, and rightly so. If you want to associate your brand with corporate environmental responsibility, then these are for you!

Although we can produce as little as one lanyard, due to the manufacturing processes involved this is uneconomic and the unit price is too expensive. The minimum order quantity is therefore 50 pieces – you can have less, but the minimum price charged will be the 50 piece rate.

What's included?


One colour logo to one side


Metal Clip


Safety Break


Pantone Matching


Free Visual




Free delivery to one UK address

Delivery / Lead Times

Our eco friendly lanyards are manufactured in Asia, and the lead time is generally 10 - 15 working days (20 days for larger quantities).

Please let us know your time critical date and we will do our very best to accommodate your requirements.

Why choose Eco-friendly?

We are all aware of the importance of our environment, and doing what we can to protect it.

Using a recycled plastic or plant based renewable material ticks those boxes when you need an environmentally responsible solution.

We have two options for you, which really come down to personal preference - recycled PET, which is made out of plastic bottles, and bamboo fibre, made from... bamboo!

Recycled PET feels and looks very similar to flat polyester, whereas bamboo is a much softer, almost cotton like material.

It is printed in exactly the same fashion as other screen printed lanyards, and can be pantone matched as normal, as can the print.

Eco friendly lanyards can be pantone matched to your requirements and fitted with all styles of clips and accessories.


  • Made from recycled plastic bottles or bamboo fibre
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Durable
  • Washable