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  • Screen Printed Flat Polyester Lanyard with Ancestry logo
  • Screen Printed Flat Polyester Lanyard with Freshdirect logo
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Printed/Custom Lanyards

Screen Printed Flat Polyester

Looking for a quick and effective way to advertise your brand at events? Need something personalised but of the highest quality? Our screen printed lanyards are the number one choice when it comes to cost effective branded lanyards.

Although we can produce as little as one lanyard, due to the manufacturing processes involved this is uneconomic and the unit price is too expensive. The minimum order quantity is therefore 50 pieces – you can have less, but the minimum price charged will be the 50 piece rate.

Price per lanyard £0.48 - £2.75

What's included?


One colour print to one side


Safety Break


Pantone Matching


Free Visual




Free delivery to one UK address


50 £2.60 £2.65 £2.70 £2.75
100 £1.60 £1.65 £1.70 £1.75
200 £1.20 £1.25 £1.30 £1.35
250 £1.02 £1.05 £1.08 £1.13
300 £0.91 £0.95 £0.98 £1.07
400 £0.81 £0.84 £0.87 £0.90
500 £0.66 £0.69 £0.75 £0.81
750 £0.61 £0.69 £0.72 £0.77
1,000 £0.64 £0.67 £0.70 £0.75
2,500 £0.57 £0.62 £0.65 £0.69
5,000 £0.54 £0.58 £0.59 £0.64
10,000 £0.48 £0.52 £0.55 £0.58

Delivery / Lead Times

Our Flat Polyester lanyards are manufactured in Asia, and the lead time is generally 10 - 15 working days (20 days for larger quantities).

Please let us know your time critical date and we will do our very best to accommodate your requirements.

If we cannot meet your required date with flat polyester lanyards, we will suggest an alternative for you.

Why choose a Flat Polyester Lanyard?

Our lanyards a powerful method of quickly and easily marketing your brand, vastly boosting brand recognition thanks to our vibrant logo reproduction and strong ribbed material. Flat polyester lanyards are a highly recommended choice for custom design customers thanks to their durability; the matt finish with a silk screen or litho printed method allows for multiple colour transfers. We're so sure of our process that we can guarantee that any logos printed using this method will not rub off.

Not only are our custom printed lanyards effective in advertising, they're also practical and safe. Each flat polyester lanyard is fitted with your choice of lanyards clips and accessories including safety breakaways and sturdy metal clips, meaning your identification or access cards are always safe and secure.

If you're looking for a reliable polyester lanyards supplier for bulk or repeat orders, you need look no further. Our branded lanyards are exceptionally budget-friendly while fitting your requirements exactly. With a vast selection of widths available - from 10mm up to 25mm - and the ability to produce an exact Pantone colour match, either for the material or your logo design, you’ll need to search no more for cheap lanyards.

There's a reason why our custom lanyards in the UK are amongst the best; it's all thanks to our excellent quality products which stand up to huge levels of wear and tear, including the washing machine, and a team of passionate experts who take pride in ensuring your design is reproduced perfectly. If you need a helping hand with your printed lanyard design, we can help you select the right option in terms of size for your needs and budget.


  • Flat polyester with a ribbed texture
  • Best for spot colour printing
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable
  • Washable

What our customers say

Lisa Leggate

Fantastic service, highly recommended

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