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Lanyards for Staff and Visitors

Lanyards for Staff & Visitors

Lanyards have many uses, from branding purposes to keepsakes from festivals and have become one of the most useful tools available for promotional purposes.  However, corporate lanyards do not simply apply to marketing products, they ...
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Only Lanyards – Why Us?

If you are looking for a lanyard, then you find it hard to find the right option for you. Choosing a lanyard can involve design, style, and material, so here at Only Lanyards we pride ...
The Importance of Business Branding

How Lanyards Can Help Your Brand Identity

In the current digital world, a strong brand identity is vital to separate you from other business, as when competition is fierce, having a recognisable brand not only can give you the edge over your rivals, but ...

How Lanyards Can Help Support Your LBGTQ+ staff

With the end of this year’s Pride events taking place in September, it may be time to reflect on how diversity is influencing your business and whether you feel you could do more to help ...
Visitor Identification

Visitor Lanyards

Any business or organisation that operates with a premises should be thinking about security and access for their building or workspace. It is increasingly important, especially with the increase in regulations regarding data and information, ...
Lanyard Accessories and attachments

Safety Lanyards

We are all familiar with lanyards as a convenient holder for ID passes and badges at events or business premises. We may also consider them a useful branding tool for marketing and promotional purposes. However, ...