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Printed/Custom Lanyards

Retractable Lanyards

One of the most popular additions to a lanyard is the retractable pass holder; a badge reel this is sewn onto the lanyard to make it an integral part of the product.

Any of the standard materials can be used in the making of a retractable lanyard; the badge reel acts as an extension to the lanyard where the key or card is drawn from the reel by a cord to the point of access, to allow easy and fast entry, whether it’s an electronic ID card reader or manual lock to any given part of the building. The cord then retracts back into the badge reel eliminating the need to remove any staff ID cards or keys, reducing the risk of loss.

We offer a range of retractable reels - both a standard circular or square ones that can be customised with your logo, or carabiner types that can be attached to an existing fitting such as a split ring of metal clip.

We also have a full range of Plain Lanyards or our great range of Designer Lanyards if you require something a bit more special.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for our retractable lanyards and we can arrange a quote for you.

Although we can produce as little as one lanyard, due to the manufacturing processes involved this is uneconomic and the unit price is too expensive. The minimum order quantity is therefore 50 pieces – you can have less, but the minimum price charged will be the 50 piece rate.

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