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Double-ended Lanyards

It can sometimes be a little annoying at a show or an event when your ID card or badge keeps reverting to a back to front position.

The very best solution to this is to have your lanyard made with a clip at each end that will then be fixed to the corners of the ID card holder as opposed to the centre. This prevents the card holder from turning and ensures that the ID of the wearer is clearly visible all the time.

Any of the materials that we offer can be used to make a double ended lanyard - in fact, everything else remains the same, except for the clip at each end.

This option only adds a few pennies to the standard costs - please ask us for a quote on your requirements.

Although we can produce as little as one lanyard, due to the manufacturing processes involved this is uneconomic and the unit price is too expensive. The minimum order quantity is therefore 50 pieces – you can have less, but the minimum price charged will be the 50 piece rate.

What our customers say

Lisa Leggate

Fantastic service, highly recommended

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