Buying Advice - How to Choose the Right Lanyard

If you are unsure exactly what you want, then we have put together a simple helpful guide below, based on our bestselling lanyard straps and fittings.

Do feel free to call us to discuss your requirements at any time - we are here to help and advice!

If you are new to ordering lanyards, then we advise the following, and our quotes reflect these choices unless specified differently.


The standard length of a lanyard is 90 cm, but of course hangs around the neck to 45cm. However, you can choose different widths. We recommend 2cm width, which tends to display logos and text more prominently when hung around the neck.


There are a range of clips and fittings available, but as standard, we recommend a trigger clip and a safety break as standard. The trigger clip fits all types of badge holder and is a multifunctional fitting. The safety break is generally fitted at the back of the neck so that should the lanyard get caught on something, it will break away and not cause any injury.

Fabric Colours

If the fabric colour is important to you, and it needs to be an exact match to your brand identity, then a flat polyester, nylon or eco-friendly lanyards would be the ideal option. Flat polyester is the most cost effective, and is the most popular option, so this would be our default proposition for you.

However these can be printed solid colours only, and the price will depend as to whether or not you want the lanyard printed both sides. You cannot print to the edge of the lanyard with this option.

If you have a multi colour logo, maybe with pictures, or gradient colours, then a dye sublimation lanyard will be your best option. The added benefit here is that these are printed both sides full colour and right to the edge.

Dye sublimation lanyards are printed using a heat transfer method; this means that although we can reproduce colours as closely as possible, we cannot guarantee a pantone match.

Print Colours

As referred to above...

  • One to three colour logos/text in spot colour - Flat Polyester/Nylon/Eco-friendly
  • Full Colour (to both sides) - Full Colour Printed a.k.a Dye Sublimation

How are Lanyards Made

The manufacturing process is labour intensive and there are a variety of processes involved depending on the material and print process involved.

The step by step process is largely as follows:

  • Design and style of lanyard chosen
  • Artwork layout approved by the customer
  • Material prepared and dyed if necessary
  • Material Printed
  • Material cut and fitting/clips prepared
  • Sewing
  • Packing
  • Dispatch

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