• Rigid Plastic ID Cardholders in various colours
  • Clear PCV Pouch


Lanyard Card Holders

A lanyard is quite simply a piece of printed (usually) material designed to wear around the neck – but it wants to have something on the end of it!

Lanyard card holders are used to displaying relevant text and logos, the vast majority will be used to display information attached to the clip at the end of a lanyard, and these will take the form of some kind of card holder.

There are two main types – a rigid plastic card holder or a clear PVC pouch – both equally as functional. To complement the card holders we have a full range of Designer Lanyards for something a little bit special and also our Custom Lanyard range.

Lanyard Card Holders What are they?

The rigid holder is designed for ID cards or membership cards; these are the same size as your bank cards and can have all manner of security features built in. These holders can be of different colours, and even pantone matched if necessary. We can also print logos on the reverse as well if required.

The clear PVC pouch is perhaps more versatile, as it comes in different standard sizes, or bespoke sizes if necessary. As well as being able to hold ID cards, they are in effect, just like a small wallet and can carry other bits of information. Particularly useful for Exhibitions and other events these can easily carry printed Entrance tickets, floor plans, menus and the like.

Many exhibitions and events choose to have a double-ended lanyard, which although not strictly necessary, does stop the occasional problem of lanyard card holders from reversing on the wearers chest.

We are happy to send you samples before you make your choice.

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