The Importance of Choosing an Eco-Friendly Lanyard

Eco Friendly Lanyards
The Importance of Choosing an Eco-Friendly Lanyard

As you’ll be aware, the subject of global warming is nothing new. What we do know is that it’s 95% likely that humans have been contributing to it since the mid 20th century. We also know that the problem is growing at an alarming rate. Data collected over many years by scientists indicates that climate is changing around the world. Evidence also suggests this, like rising temperatures, warming oceans, melting ice, glacial retreat, lower snow cover, increasing sea levels, more extreme weather events happening and acidification of the oceans. 

Businesses are realising the problem, making attempts to be kinder to the Earth and act more sustainably, across all business functions. We are trying to play our part by manufacturing eco-friendly lanyards. Are you a business that is looking to improve it’s environmental credentials, lower its carbon footprint and waste less? If you are, then you should consider our range of environmentally friendly lanyards.

Reasons to Choose Eco-Friendly Lanyards

There are lots of different reasons why businesses use lanyards for their business. One of the main ones is to promote their brand or provide an ID solution for their staff rather than have to invest in a uniform. Lanyards themselves are small, easy to use and care for, and ultimately, do their job very well. As well as the standard options, lanyards are also available in an eco-friendly version. Not only do they improve brand exposure, but they are also sustainable and better for the environment.

Types of Eco-Friendly Lanyards on Offer

Once you’ve decided that eco-friendly lanyards make the best choice, you then need to choose the right material. Regardless of which one you pick, you’re guaranteed something reliable, unique, and that doesn’t damage the planet. Here are some options that are on offer. 

Plant Silk. Plant fibres are woven into a material that’s similar to silk. One significant advantage of plant silk alone is its strength. While regular lanyards are strong, ones made of plant-based silk is even more so, potentially lasting for years and years. They are available in several different colours, so they can be manufactured precisely to the buyer’s specification.

Recycled Plastic Bottles. You might never have believed that old plastic bottles can be used to produce lanyards. Well, they can! The bottles are recycled by being melted down. The resulting long, thin fibres are woven together to make the actual material of the lanyard, which can be fully customised or dyed to any colour. The result? A vibrant finish that you’ll love.

Milk Protein Fibre. Otherwise known as casein fibre, this material is formed by evaporating liquid milk. A resulting pulp is then spun to create a thread that is then used for making lanyards. Although it might not sound it, these lanyards are, in fact, very strong and sturdy. They can also be fully customised and last for years.

Bamboo. This type of lanyard is very popular. Bamboo itself is a green and sustainable material because it is readily available and grows very quickly out in the wild. The original bamboo is taken, then spun and weaved into strong lanyard material. It can be dyed, meaning the lanyard appears precisely how you want it to.

Eco-Friendly Lanyards Make a Lasting Impression with Your Clients

Handing out lanyards at an event is a proven way to promote a business. People take them home and appreciate your green credentials. As a result, brand awareness is increased. Just like regular lanyards, eco-friendly ones can be fully customised, and include brand names and logos. They can also be produced in any colour you wish. In other words, eco-friendly lanyards are highly versatile and can be used by virtually any kind of business. Eco-friendly lanyards are therefore virtually the same as regular lanyards and can be used for the same purpose. ID cards, pass holder cards, and promotional cards are just some popular uses for them.

Convinced Eco-Friendly Lanyards are for You? Contact us Today & See what we Can Offer

Businesses are now more conscious than ever of being environmentally friendly, increasingly choosing products that don’t cause as much harm to the planet. Eco-friendly lanyards are no exception to this and are available in many different materials.

Plant silk is a very durable and long-lasting material that withstands the best of time. At the same time, milk protein fibre is equally strong and long-lasting. 

At Only Lanyards, we offer two types of eco-friendly lanyard. The first is made from recycled plastic bottles. They are melted down, and the fibres are then weaved together to make lanyards, which can be fully customised and dyed in several different colours. They are not dissimilar to flat polyester. We also offer eco-friendly lanyards made from bamboo fibre. Compared to PET lanyards, these ones feel much softer. However, they are still strong and can be fully customised. All the eco-friendly lanyards we offer are durable, washable and can be Pantone matched.