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Healthcare Lanyards

Lanyards and card holders for medical doctors, nurses and for other NHS staff

Designed specifically for medical professionals, our healthcare lanyards and cardholders for medical doctors, nurses and for other NHS staff, offer a seamless solution for carrying ID cards, keys, and more. With customisable lanyard options and pre-printed designs tailored to the NHS, we’ve got your needs covered!

We know how crucial it is for healthcare professionals and NHS staff and contractors to have quick and easy access to their ID cards and essential items. Our healthcare lanyards provide a practical solution, allowing you to keep your identification visible at all times with an ID card holder, keeping your hands free to focus on patient care. Our lanyard card holders are designed to securely hold ID cards, badges, and other essentials, ensuring easy accessibility while maintaining a professional appearance. You can trust our lanyards to withstand the demands of your busy work environment while ensuring comfort throughout the day!

We also understand that every healthcare organisation has unique requirements. That's why we offer custom lanyards. From choosing the colour and material to adding your organisation's logo or a custom message, our team is dedicated to creating medical lanyards that represent your brand and professionalism. Whether you're looking to promote your medical facility, need a doctor lanyard, or nurse lanyard or simply want to create a unified look for your team, our personalised lanyards can help.

For those who need a quick and hassle-free solution, we also offer a selection of printed lanyards. These healthcare lanyards are perfect for events, conferences, or when time is of the essence. Choose from a variety of pre-printed designs customised to the healthcare industry, including "Medical Staff" and "NHS Contractor." Our printed lanyards are ready to use, allowing you to easily identify roles and departments within your organisation.

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Fantastic service, highly recommended

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NHS Lanyards

As a supplier to the healthcare industry, we take immense pride in providing lanyards specifically designed for NHS staff. Our NHS lanyards are available in the iconic blue and white colours, making NHS staff and contractors easily recognisable to patients and visitors. Show your dedication to the NHS and enhance your professional appearance with our high-quality healthcare lanyards and NHS Badge holders

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Lanyards for Hidden Disabilities

Hidden disabilities can present unique challenges for individuals who may require additional assistance or understanding in public spaces. . To help those members of the public, Hidden disabilities launched the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme. These hidden disabilities lanyards serve as a discreet yet powerful tool for those who need them, allowing them to navigate the world with confidence and receive the support they may need.

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Printed/Custom Lanyards

Screen Printed Flat Polyester

Our most popular and cost effective branded lanyard for one or two colour printing. Durable and high-quality this lanyard is suitable for a wide range of uses.


Printed/Custom Lanyards

Full Colour Heat Transfer

Also known as Dye Sublimation these lanyards are perfect for complex colour printing, delivering a smooth finish in a lightweight product.


Unprinted Lanyards


Don't require a logo, or in too much of a hurry to wait for printing? We offer a range of unprinted/plain lanyards in a wide range of colours.


Not sure what Lanyard you need?

We know for many of our customers, choosing the right lanyard from all the various options isn't easy.

So rather than working towards that degree in lanyard manufacture, let us help you figure out the best option for your needs.


Nylon Printed Lanyards


Woven Printed Lanyards


Tubular Printed Lanyards


Retractable Printed Lanyards


Double-Ended Printed Lanyards


Eco Friendly Printed Lanyards


Pre-printed Lanyards


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