Clips and Attachments

Printed lanyards are a bespoke product, made to order and with a variety of fabrics and fittings.

Here at Only Lanyards, we like to include a range of items on the lanyards that we think are suitable for most customers, and are definitely the most popular, but it is possible to have a whole range of different clips and accessories.

Default Fittings

As standard, we price all our lanyards to include a metal trigger clip and a safety break. The reason we do this is that these are the most popular fittings for most customers, and we want to make your ordering process as simple as possible.

The safety break is by no means a requirement, but we find nearly all of our customers like the added security of knowing that should a lanyard get caught on something, it will snap off without causing injury.

Generally, the safety break is positioned at the back of the neck, but any number can be included, at positions specified by you, the customer.

If cost is the major issue then we can quote without the safety break.

Standard Clips

If your preference is for a different style or type of clip, then we offer the options below at no extra cost.

  • Japan Hook
  • Split Ring
  • Swivel J Hook (Dog Clip)
  • Plastic or Metal Crocodile Clip
  • Plastic Trigger Clip
  • Plastic Hook
  • Oval Hook (Lobster Claw)
  • Mobile Phone String or Detachable Release

You can combine any of the clips on one lanyard if you wish to do so, but there will be an additional cost for this.

Accessories to enhance your lanyard

As well as the extensive range available in the Specialised Lanyard section you can add a number of accessories to your lanyard.

Metal Crimp or Ferrule

Sits just above the clip for that extra stylish look!


Sports events and festival goers favourite!

Lip Balm

Makes a great promotional gift alongside the lanyard.


A more solid attachment for a variety of uses.

Quick Release or Short Release Clip

Enables you to release the clip at the bottom of the lanyard - especially useful for keys, door passes and the like. Aesthetically enhances the appearance of the lanyard as well, for a small extra cost.

Available in plastic, metal or a combination of the two.

Water Bottle Holder

Again, great for a variety of events.

Lanyard Length Adjuster

Enables the lanyard to be shortened if required.

What our customers say

Lisa Leggate

Fantastic service, highly recommended

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