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Do you think you need staff lanyards? Lanyards are an extremely cost-effective item when it comes to the workplace; they are versatile, cheap to purchase in bulk and are useful when it comes to internal security and identification. Whether you operate a public service, such as a hospital or a school, or a private business, organisations using personalised lanyards that contain their name, logo and the word ‘staff’ make that person easily identifiable at all times, especially with the lanyard card holder attached.

Personalised staff lanyards can have a helpful effect on your brand identity as a whole. It is a powerful brand exposure tool without the need for expensive marketing campaigns.

Having a brand identity that is visible by all, such as customised staff lanyards, can convey a sense of professionalism and improve morale amongst staff members, uniting them with a sense of purpose. This use of branded lanyards has been documented to increase employee productivity, which of course can be of benefit to any business or organisation.

This unification has a favourable impact throughout your organisation, making your employees feel safer and more likely to represent your brand with confidence and positivity.

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Uses For Staff Lanyards

Lanyards are now regarded as an important piece of equipment in a corporate environment. As a security measure, they are used for staff identification, incorporating lanyard badge holders that are sometimes doubled up as a keycard in order to gain access to various parts of your business.

If you are a retailer, public house or restaurant, you may have large teams that require electronic access to the tills with their own unique fob. This means they need to keep this safe at all times. They do this with either retractable lanyards or staff lanyards that are placed around the neck.

The more traditional buildings may not have electronic access devices and rely on keys in order to gain access throughout the premises, so how do you maintain that safety and ease of access? Key lanyards of course! They remain safe and secure at all times while still providing the convenience to have them to hand when you need them.

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NHS lanyards

We've been supplying lanyards to different arms of the NHS for years, and this is something we are incredibly proud of.

Lanyards are a great piece of kit for any team member whether they are used to hold ID cards or access cards which might need to be placed on a Retractable reel which is something we can also have branded to your requirements.

If you are looking for a long life lanyard, then we strongly recommend looking at our Woven Lanyards which sees your logo stitched into the lanyard weave.

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Visitor Lanyards

Avoid the embarrassing "do you work here?" scenario by providing contractors, company representative and any guests with your visitor lanyards. A great idea is to colour code your staff and visitor lanyards.

Simply designate a colour code to certain areas of your business and provide the correct lanyard for the assigned area. This is also a great security measure in order to indicate whether a member of staff or a visitor has the authority or security clearance to be present in that area.

Ideally, you would provide your visitors with an ID badge holder with their name and details provided in a clear, soft, PVC badge holder, which is the perfect card holder for reusability.

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