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Events, Exhibitions & Festivals

Lanyards are a fantastic tool to use at events, exhibitions, festivals and charity fundraising, and personalising your lanyards has a range of benefits that can offer a cost-effective solution in terms of security, safety, and access.

Custom lanyards can help organisers looking to create a consistent brand message, as you can personalise any event lanyard with your organisation branding which is an easy marketing tool. With everyone wearing your organisational logo, colours, or branding, you widen your reach for your potential customers and increase your exposure at minimum cost.

Identification passes are a key element of any event, especially for visitors. If all visitors are required to wear an ID badge, it is easier to identify those that shouldn’t be there. This can give everyone attending your event a sense of safety and allows security to act quickly should there be a person trespassing. By using a customised visitor lanyard with a lanyard ID holder or badge holder, this makes sure any visitor and required information is easily visible to event staff.


We also have a full range of Plain Lanyards or our great range of Designer Lanyards if you require something a bit more special.

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Enhance Your Events Branding

As well as being an effective aid to security staff at your event, event lanyards are a great way to reinforce your brand's message.

Consider having your logo printed on the fabric strap or having your logo appliqued on to the lanyard with a reflective hi-viz fabric to make sure that your brand makes a lasting impression on the visiting public.

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Customise with Lanyard Accessories

Event organisers should also consider how exhibition lanyards can offer a source of revenue. Consider offering sponsorship of space on your event lanyard to businesses who want to be seen at your event?

Alternatively, customise your lanyard with accessories such as bottle openers or lip balms and you could consider selling them or giving them away as a souvenir.

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Screen Printed Flat Polyester

Our most popular and cost effective branded lanyard for one or two colour printing. Durable and high-quality this lanyard is suitable for a wide range of uses.


Printed/Custom Lanyards

Full Colour Heat Transfer

Also known as Dye Sublimation these lanyards are perfect for complex colour printing, delivering a smooth finish in a lightweight product.


Unprinted Lanyards


Don't require a logo, or in too much of a hurry to wait for printing? We offer a range of unprinted/plain lanyards in a wide range of colours.


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We know for many of our customers, choosing the right lanyard from all the various options isn't easy.

So rather than working towards that degree in lanyard manufacture, let us help you figure out the best option for your needs.


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