Corporate and Company Lanyards

company lanyards

Branded lanyards featuring your company name and logo

Lanyards have become an essential accessory for corporate and company settings, serving as a powerful branding tool and a practical solution for carrying ID cards, badges, and keys.

There are numerous benefits associated with printed lanyards and branded company lanyards, and with eco-friendly options, they can be designed to work with, and elevate your brand identity and promote professionalism in the corporate world.

The advantages of printed lanyards

Printed lanyards offer a fantastic opportunity to showcase your company's logo, slogan, or custom brand design that represents your business or organisation. By incorporating vibrant colours and high-quality printing techniques, you can ensure that your logo is prominently displayed, catching the attention of clients, partners, and employees.

Corporate branded lanyards go beyond simply displaying your logo though; they become an embodiment of your company's values and professionalism.

With carefully chosen designs, corporate lanyards can exude an air of sophistication and refinement. Whether it's a sleek and minimalistic design or a luxurious and textured accessory, the options are endless! It shows that your business has attention to detail, even on a small accessory, which can help elevate your corporate image and professionalism.

Whether you're attending trade shows, conferences, or hosting corporate events, they are a cost-effective marketing tool that can leave a lasting impression on those who come into contact with your brand.

Unifying your team

Branded company lanyards not only enhance your brand visibility but also serve as a unifying element among your employees.

When your team members wear lanyards that are consistent with your corporate branding, it creates a sense of belonging and professionalism. It reinforces the company's identity and fosters a cohesive environment, whether in the office or at external events.

By investing in a wearable product, you promote a strong corporate culture and state your dedication to excellence.

Go green with eco-friendly lanyards

As corporate responsibility gains significance across all industries, eco-friendly lanyards have emerged as a popular choice for environmentally conscious organisations.

By choosing ones made from recycled materials or sustainable fabrics, you can reduce the impact on the planet without compromising on quality or design.

By opting for a more eco-friendly alternative, your company demonstrates its commitment to sustainability, sending a positive message to employees, clients, and stakeholders.

Worried about budget?

As well as a host of practical uses, they offer a cost-effective solution for marketing and promotional purposes, making them a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

With their versatility and visibility, lanyards provide a unique opportunity to showcase your brand and messages without breaking the bank. Unlike traditional advertising methods that may require substantial investments, they offer a budget-friendly alternative that allows you to reach a wide audience.

Whether you distribute them at trade shows, conferences, or as part of a promotional campaign, lanyards act as wearable advertisements, keeping your brand in constant view.

With their long-lasting durability, you can get extended exposure, ensuring that your message continues to resonate with recipients long after the initial interaction.

By maximising your marketing budget and leveraging the cost-effectiveness of lanyards, you can effectively boost brand awareness, enhance customer loyalty, and drive business growth.


In the corporate world, every detail matters, and lanyards are no exception. Whatever option you choose, they all contribute to enhancing your brand identity and promoting professionalism, even for businesses on a budget!

At Only Lanyards, we understand the importance of promotion and offer a wide range of custom lanyard options to suit your business needs. We can help with design and offer advice on what will work best for your business or organisation.

We can provide a free sample pack and all our quotes have no hidden costs, so you know exactly what you are going to get and at what price. If you’re not happy with your finished product, then we also offer a 100% refund - just tell us why!

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