Why it is Important to Have Visitor Identification for your Business

Visitor Identification

Under normal circumstances this would be a straightforward matter of security, company brand image, access and safety. But at the time of writing this blog, we are currently not in normal circumstances. With Covid-19 running havoc amongst the population, suddenly the idea of identification takes on a whole new meaning. Security is no longer the sole premise of identifying persons who should not be there. Branding on visitor lanyards for promotional purposes might be crucial in keeping your business afloat. Access is now a matter of life and death to help reduce transmission. Ordinary, everyday items such as the lanyard, which is the perfect tool for holding visitor identification badges, have become essential rather than just something to consider. This article will hopefully provide some clarity on why visitor ID’s are important to your business, not just for everyday use when life is ‘normal’, but also why they help when in the midst of a pandemic.

Security & Access

Regardless of the industry, or organization, visitor identification badges are always helpful with security measures.

In business, you may have a variety of visitors that require different levels of security. Visitor ID can play a prominent role in keeping your building and staff secure. If all visitors are required to wear an ID badge, it is easier to identify those that shouldn’t be there. And if you use a lanyard or clip on badge, this makes sure ID badges are prominently displayed. Making safety and security as straightforward as possible.

They also have a vital role to play in regards to access control, especially in environments where there is a high contamination risk, such as hospitals. Although many hospitals have now reduced the amount of visitors and visiting times, some are being asked to wear ID badges due to hospital areas being separated into zones during the pandemic, so being quickly identifiable has now become a requirement.

Visitor ID badges are also a requirement for educational settings. With schools and universities remaining open for the foreseeable future, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, identification has become a top priority for many school governing boards across the country. It is vitally important to maintain the classroom “bubbles” to keep everyone healthy and reduce the risk of transmission. Although many schools and nurseries will no longer be allowing visitors access to the site, there may be exceptions to this rule and so in order to maintain “bubbles,” those persons need to be able to be recognised by faculty and students alike in order to minimise contact. The use of visitor ID badges is now not only a security measure but a health and safety issue. To help keep educational settings even safer, the use of coloured lanyards to carry visitor badges makes for easy, visual identification.


Promotion & Branding

A strong brand identity is vital in the world of business. When competition is fierce, having a recognisable brand can be the difference between success and failure. Having your logo or branding on the accessories you use to hold visitor badges and the actual ID itself, not only works for promotional purposes so your brand name and logo are on show for visitors, but if they wear them whilst out and about doing tasks during the course of the day when leaving your premises, it increases the amount of exposure to potential new business.

Company branding on your ID badge can also make your business appear official and professional to visitors, remember these may form the first impression of your business a visitor may have! Plus, branded visitor badges reduces the chance of any mishaps in regards to being in the wrong location!

What Information and features can a visitor ID have?

Your company logo, colours or branding is a good idea to have on both the lanyard (or other method) and visitor badge. This provides the benefits explained above in promotion and branding and also adds an extra security feature.

Basic information such as name and the reason for visit are a basic requirement for ID badges.

If you are in highly secure building, level of access and security clearance should be added to your visitor identification cards.

If you have the ability to acquire a photo in advance of a visitor visiting your premises then this is a useful feature to have and provides a visual identification to staff and security in your building.

If you don’t mind the extra expense, you can have encoding features such as watermarks, UV printing or magnetic strips put onto your visitor badges, these may be more applicable in high security industries where sensitive data may be accessible.


When considering accessories, you need to think about the method your visitors will use to carry their ID badge.

  • Lanyards are the most practical method for carrying ID badges and as they are carried around the neck, the visitor badge is easily visible. You can also customise your lanyard with your own colours, logo and branding, although they are slightly more expensive than other options.
  • Wristbands are customisable for promotional purposes but if used for carrying ID they can sometimes be awkward for the user.
  • Stickers are the cheapest option, but are easily replicated and destroyed.
  • Retractable badge reels can clip onto the ID badge and then clip onto clothing or a lanyard.
  • Clip-on badges can be attached to clothing anywhere on the body and if the ID badges are laminated, these can prove a durable option.

Double-sided cardholders provide the easiest of access to ID cards, although these can be slightly more expensive than single sided ones.

When considering visitor identification badges for your business and the lanyards that hold them, bear in mind the comfort level of the type of lanyard you choose. After all, you don’t want your visitor to be thinking “I can’t wait to take it off!”

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