Upgrade your lanyard


If you are a business or organisation looking to make a cost-effective difference to your security, marketing strategy or branding, then lanyards are an excellent option. If you make use of lanyards in everyday life already, then you may want to consider upgrading your lanyards to something a little more unique.

There are numerous advantages to upgrading to custom lanyards.

Brand identity: Whether your business is large or small, brand is key. Your company colours, logo or brand needs to reach a wide consumer or client base as possible. Custom lanyards can showcase your brand easily and by creating a visual brand to be worn by your staff, you are guaranteed to have your brand on display throughout the day and beyond.

Plus, if you decide to purchase lanyards for your employees for any purpose, then personalising your lanyards with your business brand or logo can have the benefit of conveying a sense of professionalism and improve morale amongst staff members, making them more united and improving productivity.

Security: Security and keeping your employees safe should be high on the list of priorities for businesses. Personalised staff lanyards are a cheap and easy solution for businesses or organisations looking to improve their security as they provide a practical method for carrying identification badges and security passes.

If you have lanyards for security already, then it may be time to upgrade with new accessories. Here at Only lanyards, we have a range of lanyard clips and extras that can help:

Clear Soft PVC badge holders – These are clear wallets with punched holes to accommodate both single and double ended lanyards. They come in a range of sizes, are inexpensive to buy and provide easy accessibility for security purposes. The ID can be slotted in at the top and the PVC is weatherproof.

Rigid plastic ID Cardholders – These can be used for ID’s or membership cards as they are available in both portrait and landscape orientations. They are also available either open faced or enclosed and can be used for double sided ID purposes. Around the size of your credit card, they can be customised to your business or organisation, or simply bought in a range of colours. These are sturdier and less flexible than their soft PVC counterparts, so offer a durability suitable for long term wear.

Retractable lanyard - This is a badge reel accessory that is sewn into the lanyard itself, the badge reel acts as an extension to the lanyard where the key or card is drawn from the reel by a cord to the point of access, to allow easy and fast entry, whether it’s an electronic ID card reader or manual lock to any given part of the building. The cord then retracts back into the badge reel eliminating the need to remove any staff ID cards or keys, reducing the risk of loss.

Lanyards for visitors: Visitor ID can play a key role in keeping your premises and your employees secure. If all visitors are required to wear an ID badge, it is easier to identify those that should not be there. This can give your employees a sense of safety and allows security to quickly act should there be a person trespassing. By upgrading a badge lanyard with a lanyard ID holder or badge holder, as well as company personalisation, you can make sure any required information is easily visible to anyone on the premises.

Upgrading my lanyard – what are my options?

Upgrading your lanyard doesn’t just mean personalisation, you can customise your lanyards in other ways.

Type of lanyard

Standard: A standard lanyard is one strip of fabric looped round and joined with a clip, hook, or some other form of attachment. As this is the cheapest form of lanyard, it is also the most popular for people wanting single use lanyards, or to use lanyards for branding and advertising purposes.

Double ended: A double ended lanyard is not joined in the centre but has a clip at either end, making this an ideal solution for organisations where identification is primary reason for lanyard purchases. This style is prevalent in public institutions as it prevents the badge holder from twisting around and obscuring the identification badge.


There are five types of materials used to make lanyards:

Eco –friendly: Bamboo and recycled PET (made from plastic bottles)


There are several types of clips you can upgrade your lanyard with, depending on what they are going to be used for:

● Quick Release or Short Release Lanyard Clips - This enables you to release the clip at the bottom of the lanyard -especially useful for office keys and door passes.

● Metal Trigger Clip – the standard attachment, a small metal loop with a trigger mechanism.

● Plastic Trigger Clip – if you want a standard clip but have an allergy to certain metals, the plastic version is a suitable alternative.

● Dog Clip/Swivel J Hook–this is like a smaller version of a carabiner, a small metal loop with a spring-loaded gate that you pinch open.

● Crocodile Clip – Possibly the most well-known of the clips, it may give you flashbacks of school, a sprung metal clip with teeth.

● Flat Metal Hook – Similar to a dog clip, with a pinch open mechanism, but the metal loop is larger and flatter with no overlap and more like the versions used in climbing. Although obviously much smaller!

● Split Ring – A split ring is a strip of metal looped twice around, most used for keyrings.

● Carabiner clip – Similar to the metal trigger clip, but with a pin and spring-loaded mechanism.

Upgrade your Lanyards with Only Lanyards

Customised to your own design or text is one of the reasons why lanyards are so popular with businesses and organisations. Even with personalisation, they are a cost-effective solution for businesses and organisations to help promote your brand and can be a useful way to carry your own personal items.

If you’re looking for strong and sturdy lanyards custom printed to your specifications, you need look no further. We are specialists in custom printed lanyards; you won’t find better quality for lanyards anywhere at a better price. Our custom lanyards are manufactured out of a strong smooth polyester that has a shiny finish appearance, and your designs are printed onto this comfortable silky material using a heat transfer method, also known as dye sublimation. Plus, if you want something a little different, we have a full range of designer lanyards, from hi-vis to a raised PVC print.

If you are unsure of how you want your lanyard design then don’t worry, designing your custom lanyard is something we can take care of, so at the very outset we'll ask you for your logo and colour instructions, and get a visual over to you before you even order. Our team is always available to talk through your options and we can send you samples of what we've done before to help you choose the right lanyard for you. You can use our “Get A Quote” tool on our website to make the process even easier and keep in control of your budget.

Ideal for office staff, identification and more, our custom lanyards UK are top of the bunch. As standard, they come with a metal clip and safety break, plus they’re comfortable to wear and washable. And we can guarantee that any imagery, logos, or text that are printed onto any of our custom branded lanyards will not rub off or fade due to use.

If you are interested in purchasing lanyards or accessories for yourself or your business, then we would love to hear from you. Even if you are unsure of what it is you would want or require, our amazing team can guide you through the process. Feel free to contact us directly by phone on 0333 271 0660 or by email at hello@onlylanyards.com.