Top Uses for Lanyards

Uses for Lanyards

In a world where functionality meets fashion, personalised lanyards have emerged as versatile accessories that effortlessly blend practicality with personal expression.

These customisable neck straps have gone beyond their traditional role and found their way into various aspects of modern life. They’re now so commonplace that you don’t even think about them!

If you're curious about how custom lanyards can enhance your daily routines and experiences, either on a commercial or personal level, you're about to discover a world of possibilities!

Here at Only Lanyards, we are experts in all aspects of uses for lanyards, so let’s explore the top uses for lanyards and see if we can help you discover a new appreciation for such a practical yet customisable accessory!

What is a lanyard?

It always helps to know what we mean when we say ‘lanyard’ - so what is a lanyard?

A lanyard is a strap or cord, typically worn around the neck or wrist, that serves various practical and decorative purposes. It is commonly used to hold items such as identification badges, keys, whistles, electronic devices, or small tools.

They are often made from materials like nylon, polyester, or woven fabric and can come in a variety of colours, patterns, and designs. Many companies will offer personalised or custom options.

Lanyards typically consist of a loop or attachment point at one end, which can be used to secure objects, and a clasp or hook at the other end for fastening to clothing, bags, or other accessories.

They offer a convenient and hands-free way to keep important items easily accessible while also adding a touch of personal style.

Safety and Security

Personalised lanyards serve as more than just identification tools; they contribute to safety and security in various environments.

Whether in bustling workplaces, educational institutions, or event venues, lanyards serve as efficient tools for identification. With lanyards able to hold identification badges, key cards, or even emergency contact information, individuals can be swiftly recognised, ensuring authorised personnel have seamless access while maintaining a cost-effective yet vigilant practice against unauthorised persons or entry.

In emergency situations, lanyards equipped with critical information and instructions empower quick and informed responses, making them an integral component of comprehensive safety and security strategies, ensuring everyone is well-prepared for any situation, on any site.

Here are specific examples of how lanyards can be used to keep you safe:

  • Medical Alert IDs: Lanyards can hold medical alert IDs, ensuring that critical health information is easily accessible in case of emergencies.
  • Pet Tags: Security extends to your pets as well! Lanyards can hold pet tags or identification information, making it easier for pet owners to keep track of their furry companions.
  • Tool Safety: Lanyards secure tools to prevent drops when working at heights or in construction settings, enhancing workplace safety.
  • Whistles and Small Tools: Lanyards keep small tools or emergency whistles readily available for quick access in outdoor or survival situations.

Corporate Branding and Identity

In the corporate world, custom lanyards go beyond being mere security or identification accessories; they become extensions of your brand identity.

Companies can promote their business and enhance their image by having logos, taglines, and corporate colours onto their printed lanyards. When employees, clients, and partners wear these lanyards, they don't just carry IDs – they carry a piece of your brand, giving you a wider exposure to an audience that may not otherwise have found you.

Whether at trade shows, conferences, or office spaces, employees and visitors wearing branded lanyards can also create a professional and cohesive image, giving people a positive association with your brand.

Event Management and Access Control

Lanyard neck straps excel in managing events and controlling access. Event staff and attendees can wear lanyards with ID badges or QR codes that grant entry to specific areas or sessions. This application is especially useful for festivals, exhibitions, and seminars where efficient crowd control and security is essential.

Educational Settings

From schools to universities, lanyards simplify identification and access control. Students, teachers, and staff can proudly display their affiliations and roles, contributing to a secure and organised learning environment.

Having easy visibility of a person’s identification by the wearing of a lanyard neck strap also makes it safer for both staff and students alike to recognise anyone who shouldn’t be on the premises and if you customise them, it can also foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the school, college, or university.

We don’t think it will make the students behave though!

Healthcare Settings

In healthcare settings like hospitals, lanyard neck straps are crucial tools for medical staff and professionals.

They can attach essential items like ID cards, badges, and even small medical tools securely to their attire. This ensures that crucial information and tools are always within arm's reach, enhancing efficiency in emergencies, ensuring efficient patient care, and maintaining a hygienic environment.

Like with educational settings, the practice of having healthcare lanyards across the organisation also fosters a safer environment by making it easier to spot authorised and unauthorised personnel.

Promotional Merchandise

Personalised lanyards make for memorable and functional promotional giveaways.

Companies often distribute lanyards with catchy slogans, website URLs, or QR codes to engage potential customers. Attendees of trade shows and promotional events appreciate functional giveaways like lanyard neck straps that can be used beyond the event itself, inadvertently becoming your brand ambassadors!

Let’s face it...who doesn’t love a freebie!

Fundraising and Awareness Campaigns

For charity organisations, the easy customisation and cost-effectiveness of lanyards can be a great way to support charitable causes and awareness campaigns.

Individuals and organisations can design lanyards with specific colours, messages, and symbols to raise funds and awareness for important issues.

Travel and Identification

Whether navigating bustling airports or exploring unfamiliar destinations, lanyards offer a smart solution to keep essential documents within easy reach.

Travellers can attach their passports, boarding passes, or travel wallets to a lanyard, ensuring swift access during check-ins, security checks, and boarding procedures.

This eliminates the need to fumble through bags, minimises the risk of misplacing important items, and contributes to a smoother travel experience.

Additionally, lanyards with built-in retractable badge reels enable effortless scanning of IDs and access cards, ensuring seamless transitions through various checkpoints.

Retail and Hospitality

Customer-facing industries can use the power of lanyards to enhance customer experience. Yes, really!

Employees can wear lanyards with their names and roles, creating a more personalised interaction that fosters trust and loyalty. In retail, lanyards can also hold keys, access cards, or even assist in showcasing products.

Rock Climbing

One of the lesser known uses for lanyards is for rock climbing! Unless you are into the sport then you probably wouldn’t even realise that the lanyards play a huge part in the safety equipment and protection for rock climbers as they navigate challenging terrains.

These specialised lanyards, often referred to as "climbing lanyards" or "personal anchor systems," are crafted from robust materials like dynamic ropes or webbing. Think woven lanyards – just bigger!

Climbers attach one end of the lanyard to their harness and use the other end to secure themselves to anchors, belay stations, or other fixed points. This allows climbers to maintain a secure connection to the climbing structure while they pause to assess their route or perform tasks.

Climbing lanyards provide crucial stability, freedom of movement, and a heightened sense of safety, making them an indispensable tool for every rock climber's gear kit.

Personal Organisation – don’t lose your keys!

Last but not least - the functionality of lanyard neck straps extends beyond professional applications and IDs and badges and can simplify your daily life!

People commonly use lanyards to keep keys, USB drives, or even small tools within reach. This practical use makes them a staple for individuals who need easy access to their essentials throughout the day and you are less likely to lose your keys when they’re attached to you! Badge reels are a lanyard accessory that are great for this purpose.

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, lanyards have proven to be incredibly versatile accessories that seamlessly integrate functionality and personal expression across a multitude of contexts and industries.

From corporate branding to event management, safety enhancement to promotional campaigns, and even in the rugged world of rock climbing, lanyards have showcased their adaptability and reliability. Their ability to effortlessly hold identification badges, keys, tools, and more while keeping hands free underscores their practicality in daily routines.

What sets lanyards apart is their potential for customisation. Here at Only Lanyards, we offer lanyards as a canvas to showcase your brand identity, message, or design in a visible and impactful way.

Companies and individuals can use this level of personalisation for lanyards to create a distinct presence, reinforce their brand, or foster a sense of community.

Moreover, when it comes to quality and value, our commitment to lanyards shines through. We take pride in offering premium materials, friendly support, and unparalleled attention to detail.

In addition to our dedication to excellence, we are pleased to offer a price match guarantee. We believe that quality lanyards should be accessible to all, and our price match guarantee underscores our commitment to providing the best value for your investment.

When you choose our personalised lanyards, you're not only selecting a practical accessory but also a symbol of quality and style that reflects your unique identity.

Visit us at to explore our wide range of customisation options, lanyards for a range of uses, and get on board with one of the most practical items around! Even if you do just need lanyards for keys!