The Importance of Lanyards for Schools and Colleges


Identification has always been a key element of safety in educational settings. Lanyards can make an important visual contribution to safety measures in schools and colleges and as they can be bought in bulk, they are a cost-effective solution to identification for educational boards suffering from cuts to funding.

Identification for staff and visitors

The use of teacher lanyards can be used to identify staff in two ways; a custom lanyard strap and as an item to carry identification badges. This gives other staff and your students a visual sign that you are allowed to be there, and the identification badge can also be used to secure access into different areas of the school or college premises.

Visitor lanyards and ID can play a prominent role in keeping your building, staff, and students secure. If all visitors are required to wear an ID badge, it is easier to identify those that shouldn’t be there. This can give your staff a sense of safety and allows security to quickly act should any person be found on the premises that shouldn’t be there. By using a personalised visitor lanyard with a lanyard ID holder or badge holder, this makes sure any required information is easily visible to staff and students alike.

By personalising the lanyard straps used to hold identification badges, you ensure any staff or visitor identification is highly visible and immediately recognisable to your specific educational setting and they are both versatile and cheap to purchase, which make them an attractive proposition to educational settings due to the high number of staff.

By using lanyards to help security measures, education boards can hopefully provide some much-needed reassurance to both educators and parents that the safety of their staff and their children are a top priority.

Student identification

Although lanyards are more popular with colleges than schools in regard to students, they are still an excellent way to allow the correct access on campus or school grounds. Any visual identifying feature can help improve safety, and lanyards are one of the easiest ways to encourage students to take responsibility for themselves and their peers.

Branding the lanyard strap itself with “student’ is an inexpensive safety solution and although there is no need to purchase accessories if lanyards are clearly branded, having students design their own passes or badges to attach to the lanyard is a fun way to get them used to the idea of wearing them and will make them more inclined to continue to wear them, despite the fashion of the day!

We take the safety of the lanyards themselves extremely seriously, and this would be an obvious concern when supplying students and when requiring them to wear one at all times. Therefore, all lanyards purchased here at Only Lanyards come with a safety break attached. The safety break keeps lanyards from being a choking hazard, when pressure is applied to the lanyard, the breakaway clasp (usually worn at the back of the neck) comes apart. This clasp is made with plastic and compromises a male and female part to be joined together, this means that rather than breaking, it just pulls apart, enabling you to fit the parts back together and continue using the lanyard. This is a brilliant safety feature, especially if lanyards are being worn in environments where they may get caught or if they are being worn by students.


Custom lanyards for educational settings

As we said earlier in the article, one of the main advantages of lanyards is that they are entirely customisable to your organisation. You can have your school or college logo, colours, or text directly printed or dyed onto lanyards, in a variety of pantone matched colours. This personalised design feature is a useful tool to add an extra layer of security to their primary purpose.

Therefore, when considering personalising your lanyards you need to think about bright bold colours to make them as visible as possible and whether your educational logo can be recognised at a distance or whether you would be better served with large text.

You should also consider what material you would like your lanyards to be made from. Screen printed polyester lanyards are the most economically viable solution, as they are comfortable without costing too much. Also, if you are purchasing lanyards for identification purposes then coloured lanyards with a simple design are perfect for the screen-printing process.

As lanyards are obviously quite narrow, any logos, images or text have to be sized to fit, here at Only lanyards we provide a bespoke design service, you just have to send us any artwork, in an editable format, any colour reference for material and logos and we will design the correct spacing and layout service entirely free of charge. Our wealth of experience means we know what works and can offer you the best advice without it costing you money.

How Only Lanyards can help

If you are looking to order lanyards, either plain or customised, for your school or educational setting, you need to know that you can trust your supplier. We have well established clients in the education sector, such as Northumbria University and the University of Cambridge.

Our service to you involves all-inclusive lanyard prices, with discounts based on quantity ordered. Our prices include delivery, printing, and a number of additional extras, all clearly stated within our website. All you need to do is pick the best option for you and place your order.

If you require further help, then please give us a call and one of our team members will be there to offer you some advice. We even have an online enquiry process set up exactly for customers who aren't sure what would work best for their establishment.

We can send you free samples of our work, simply send us a message on our website and we will get back to you. If you would like to go ahead and order your lanyards, we have both a buying guide and an order process on the website, alternatively you can call us on 01765 233 144 or email