Keep your keys safe with a lanyard

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There are many modern uses for lanyards, from businesses and charities using them as marketing and promotional tools to the civil service and public organisations making use of them for security and access purposes.

However, lanyards at their most base function are simply a strap of material designed to wear around the neck to keep items safe. Although they work exceedingly well as identification holders, they are also the ideal solution if you have a number of keys to keep safe. This can range from simply keeping your house keys or car key handy, or for business purposes, lanyards and the lanyard accessories you can purchase for just this reason can help your employees keep access to your building secure and are less likely to lose important keys.

Why lanyards for keys are a great idea

If you are looking for a way to keep your keys safe, without breaking the bank, then lanyards are a cost-effective purchase. They are cheap to buy in bulk and if you are purchasing for business purposes, then lanyards can be easily personalised with company colours or branding. This also helps enormously if the keys are ever misplaced or lost. Similarly, if you are buying a lanyard for personal use, such as house keys or car keys, then having your phone number printed onto your lanyard gives you a failsafe should they ever be lost and found. Whatever you do though, don’t get your address printed on it!

Lanyards are also well known for their durability, the fabric is strong enough to carry heavier items, which can be useful for other items such as mobile phones, USB’s or even a water bottle, so if you have a bunch of keys that need carrying or to be kept safe, a lanyard is easily up to the challenge.

We would recommend a heavy-duty clip at the end of it though, here at Only Lanyards we would advise choosing a carabiner or lobster claw clip to ensure your keys stay attached!

What lanyard accessories do I need to keep my keys safe?

There are many accessories you can purchase for lanyards, so it is important to know which ones would work best for you.

If your lanyard is being used for security keys, then a badge reel is an excellent accessory. They can be personalised with a print of your choice, so can help with your branding and identification if lost. You could also go for a metal belt clip, which can provide an easy way for your employees to keep their keys secure.

Quick release or short release clips enables you to release the clip at the bottom of the lanyard, which can be a useful tool for when you need to open a door. These are generally available in plastic or metal and can be added to your lanyard for a small, extra cost.

We would always recommend a safety break on your lanyards, especially when carrying heavier items such as keys. These can help protect the wearer from serious injury should the keys or the lanyard become caught or attached to something. Safety breaks ensure the lanyard can pull apart, preventing any harm.

If you need an identification pass to go with your keys, particularly for organisations where security is a necessity, then identification card holders are an excellent choice for your lanyard. These are available in both a clear, soft PVC or a rigid plastic. Both are ideal for carrying security passes or identification badges. They come in a range of sizes, are inexpensive to purchase and allow for easy accessibility.

Lanyards for keys from Only Lanyards

If you are thinking about buying either lanyards or any clips or accessories for your keys, including card holders, then look no further than here at Only Lanyards. We offer a full range of designer lanyards if you are looking for something a little bit special and we can personalise your lanyards to accommodate your own branding or designs.

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If you are interested in purchasing lanyards or accessories for yourself or your business or organisation, then we would love to hear from you. Even if you are unsure of what it is you would need or require, we can guide you through the process. Feel free to contact us directly by phone on 01765 233 144 or by email at