Improving Workplace Security with Staff ID Cards

Staff Id Cards

Improving Workplace Security with Staff ID Cards

Suppose you’re looking to help reduce the stress or high costs of theft or loss within your business. In that case, you should consider using security features on your staff ID cards. Doing this is worthwhile, especially considering just how easy it is to replicate them. Criminals can be fully conversed in creating ID cards from merely watching some quick tutorial videos on YouTube. Once produced, these counterfeit cards can be used to access unauthorised buildings and steal data, staff possessions or equipment. The good news is that security features are available, which prevent tampering or counterfeiting. This helps protect customers, staff and the entire business.


Types of Security Features on Staff ID Cards

The most common ones include:

Company Logo. These can be pre-printed onto base cards and offer a higher quality print than what can be achieved with a standard card printer. Furthermore, this technique allows for better spotting of counterfeit cards.

Photo. This provides visual identification and can be easily incorporated on a staff ID card.

Watermark. Some types of ID card printer contain the functionality to print a secure watermark on the card’s surface, such as a company logo. Because it’s discreet, it won’t draw eyes away from critical information. Additionally, information is still visible when the card is at an angle.

Laminate. Some card printers can apply a laminate over the card. This is a transparent, polyester film which is applied using heat and pressure and protects the card, making it last longer. It also has the benefit of protecting data from being tampered with.

Hologram. Adding a hologram to an ID card is quite affordable, yet challenging for a criminal to replicate. There’s also the added advantage that the hologram can be designed in the same shape as the company logo, and they are also visible from afar. As the technique only costs a couple of pence per card, it’s not expensive, plus, can be applied at the same time as base stock printing. Holographic ribbons are compatible with many different card printers.

Barcodes & 2D QR Codes. These are printed onto the base stock or during the personalisation process. When scanned, they then display a photo online, providing a further level of verification.


Security Tips for Employee ID Cards

Follow these security tips to keep your premises, staff and customers safe.

  • Always make sure that card printers, ribbon and card stock are securely locked away.
  • Only provide access to card printers for a couple of trusted employees. Ensure access is password protected.
  • Implement an audit process, so you know who prints cards, for which members of staff, and the day or time they were printed.


How to Encourage Staff to Wear ID Cards

A great way to encourage your staff to wear ID cards is to explain the benefits of them. You could also provide reminders to staff who are missing them. Eventually, this should encourage all staff to wear them consistently throughout the day. Wearing ID cards not only makes staff appear more professional but also enforces better security of the business as a whole. Visitors can also be identified clearly using ID cards.


How does Staff Visual ID Work?

Staff wear a lanyard which is attached to a cardholder at one end. The card itself is printed with a company logo, which as well as improving brand awareness, also helps improve security. Lanyards should be comfortable enough for staff to wear for extended periods and makes enforcing wearing them much more straightforward.

In specific environments, like factories or hospitals, it is better to provide staff with a retractable badge reel which clips onto the ID holder at one end. Or, the badge can be clipped onto clothing using the right accessory.

ID cards should prominently be displayed with a staff photo and job title. As well as providing visual identification, it takes away confusion. This is particularly important for public organisations like councils or government bodies, as well as businesses that occupy buildings that contain many other organisations.

If your organisation uses an access control system, you might want to invest in double-sided cardholders. These provide quick access to ID cards; however, there is less of a risk of the card becoming damaged or lost.


Why ID Cards are Good for Security

Firstly, they identify who is who within an organisation. If someone is identified as not being familiar or is acting suspiciously, they can be challenged. Staff should be briefed on reasons why wearing ID cards is essential, in other words, that they keep everyone safe at work. ID cards are also useful for security guards, as they can visually identify anyone who isn’t a member of the organisation.


How to Enforce Wearing ID Cards

Give staff time to adjust to a new card wearing policy. Let them know that going forward if they’re caught not wearing them, they could face warnings or for repeat offenders, disciplinary procedures. If someone doesn’t wear their lanyard and is unwilling to reveal why it’s probably as they have a phobia of wearing it around their neck. If this is the case, there are other attachment options available that could be suitable.


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