Custom Lanyards for all events


Custom lanyards are a great idea for businesses or organisations that are holding an event, from trade shows to conferences, from festivals to charity fundraising, personalising your lanyards has a range of benefits and can offer a cost-effective solution in terms of security, safety, and access.

In this blog, we will take you through everything you need to know about custom lanyards, how they help your business or organisation through to how to design and place an order with us here at Only Lanyards.

Why are custom lanyards a good idea for an event?

Events are usually attended by a good number of people. This means that your employees, volunteers and any security and medical staff need to be easily identifiable to visitors. By having personalised lanyards with bold text, you can easily spot the right people you need.

Identification passes are a key element of any event, especially for visitors. If all visitors are required to wear an ID badge, it is easier to identify those that shouldn’t be there. This can give everyone attending your event a sense of safety and allows security to act quickly should there be a person trespassing. By using a customised visitor lanyard with a lanyard ID holder or badge holder, this makes sure any visitor and required information is easily visible to event staff.

You can also use custom lanyards to promote your business or charity at an event. You can personalise any event lanyard with your organisation branding which is a cost-effective marketing tool. With everyone wearing your organisational logo, colours, or branding, you widen your reach for your potential customers and increase your exposure at minimum cost.

If you are hosting an event such as a tradeshow, then handing out free lanyards as a promotional gift can be a useful tool. These can be customised with a gift such as bottle opener or whistle, as well as your organisational logo, making attendees more likely to wear and use your lanyard outside of the event and improve your exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions about custom lanyards

To help you organise branded lanyards for your event, we have put together a list of FAQs that will answer everything you need to know about the lanyard customisation process!

  1. Q) What type of lanyard should I choose for my event?

It can be hard to know what type of lanyard to choose, especially if you know nothing about printing, so we have provided a quick rundown of your options below.

Full colour printed lanyards are the best option for complex designs, they can be accurately reproduced, giving you the best chance of being noticed. You have the choice of screen print or dye sublimated (also known as heat transfer) lanyards. Both are a similar price and extremely cost effective, especially when buying in bulk.

  • Screen printed lanyards allow for multiple colour transfers and all colours can be pantone colour matched for both the design and the material used. Printed onto flat weave polyester, this type of lanyard is durable, and our screen print process is so effective, that any logos printed using this method we guarantee not to rub off. Even when faced with the washing machine!
  • Dye sublimated or heat transfer lanyards are when the design is heat transferred directly onto the material rather than printed on. Like the screen-printed lanyards, we also use polyester, but for this process the polyester is smoother and silkier than the ribbed flat weave used for screen printed ones. Heat transfer technology allows us to print on both sides, which gives you the option of your design running over the edges and onto the back, giving you freedom and flexibility with your personalisation. This technique also means you have access to a huge colour palette and fine details will not be lost, allowing your logo and design to stand out in a crowd.

We know for many of our customers, choosing the right lanyard from all the various options isn't easy.

So, rather than try do it on your own, let us help you figure out the best option for your needs.

  1. Q) Can you design the lanyard for me?

We provide a bespoke design service and with years in the industry, we know what will and will not work for a lanyard. We give advice on your graphics and logo and produce your customised design. We also provide the correct spacing and layout service entirely for free! Once we have finalised your personalised lanyard, we will send you a visual of the design before the order is placed, so we know you are happy with how the finished product will look.

The things we will need from you are:

  • The logo in editable format - please see our Artwork Guidelines that you may wish to pass on to your printers/advertising agency etc who may be able to supply you with this if you do not have it.
  • Colour references for both the material and logos - again see artwork guidelines.
  1. Q) How do I send you my ideas/design?

We are happy for you to submit your own design should you wish, but at the very start of the process, we'll ask for your artwork and let you see some visuals before you even start the ordering process.

With the limited space on a lanyard, remember to keep your design simple. Sharp contrast designs are favourable, any text needs to be easily read and you want your brand to be identifiable at a distance. Successful designs have minimal but bold elements.

Once you are happy will your visual layout, and have chosen the type and style of lanyard you are after, you can place your order in the following ways: -

Email - or telephone: 01765 233 144

If you are a new customer, we will offer you the option of a pro forma invoice or an online account application, which will give you a 30-day credit account (subject to a successful application).

We will then send an order acknowledgement confirming the details and proposed delivery date.

Our sales support team will keep you informed of your order right through to completion, confirming the delivery the day before, sending delivery notes through and informing of courier details where possible.

Your account manager will then follow up with you after delivery to ensure all is as it should be and that you are happy with your lanyards!

  1. Q) Can you provide me with a quote?

Yes. To get a quote quickly and easily, just use our quote feature on the website, it is designed to make the entire process run smoothly for our customers. If you prefer a more traditional interaction or you have specific customisation needs, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01765 233 144 and we can talk through your specific requirements.

All our prices are inclusive, and all our quotes have zero hidden charges. We also ensure that we will beat any like-for-like quotation, just drop us an email with your quote from elsewhere, and if we have a comparable product, we can provide our price.

  1. Q) My event is soon; how quick can you deliver?

If you have left it late to order your event lanyards, then we can deliver full-colour printed lanyards in just 3 working days (sometimes quicker).  It is the same quality product as you get with our standard lead times, you just pay a small surcharge to ensure your lanyards arrive super quickly in time for your event!

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered, then please contact one of our friendly team today. You can use the Contact form on our website, telephone us on 01765 233 144 or email Let us help you with your event.