The Importance of Business Branding

The Importance of Business Branding

With economic markets expanding across the globe and the number of businesses increasing all the time, it is becoming vitally important for companies to stand out from the crowd. Marketing strategies the world over repeatedly use the word “branding” to impress on businesses the importance of having a recognizable identity. But is branding really that essential to the success of a company?

In a word, yes. Building an identifiable brand that can elicit a response or connection in prospective clients or customers can prove the difference between a huge business success and every other middle of the road business out there.

Business branding includes any part of a strategy that you employ to define who you are as a company. Logo, company colours, products are all used to create your business brand and differentiate your business from your competition.

Having a strong brand helps implement your business vision, including generating growth and increasing business revenue, but in order to create an overall brand that delivers results, there needs to be a strategy and ideas in place. Brands are not built overnight.

Any good marketing consultant will tell you one of the first steps to building a brand is research of your target market. Most people buy on trust, creating a brand that has credibility and professionalism can go a long way to making a successful business. By doing appropriate research into your prospective base, your business should get a better understanding of the core values of your target audience and you can begin to tailor your brand and offerings to what your ideal customer wants and expects.

By having core values and targeting a specific audience, you can create your “brand voice.” This is the consistent way your business appears to customers, your brand personality. This is a crucial step towards communicating a strong brand and a selling point that customers can identify with. The message your business conveys is what can differentiate your business from your competition, what can you offer that your competitors don’t? Staying true to your brand voice assures customers you are a trustworthy brand and therefore much more likely to recommend your products or services. Driving growth and improving revenue.

Once you have your business values around which to base your brand, you can start creating the visual aspects. In this digital world, it is all about the visual. Company colours and logo are essential components. Your logo will appear on everything your business is involved in, it is the primary image customers will associate with your brand. It needs to be unique and recognisable to help build connections with customers – it also needs to be aesthetically appealing; you want to create positive associations in the customers' mind.

Fonts are another tool used to convey your brand, so don’t just pick the first one! Taglines play a huge role in advertising and marketing and you don’t want that to be ruined by poor font choices. You need to stand out.

If you are a predominately digital business, then creating an online presence is necessary when it comes to branding. However, it is important to remember your “brand voice” and to stay engaged with your audience, your core values should be communicated to employees and strictly adhered to, bad experiences can often gain traction online, forever tainting your brand.

If your business wants to re-brand, then ideally you want to keep your brand identity whilst simply updating your visuals. By modernizing your logos and fonts and the language you adopt in taglines, you can keep your brand fresh and stay appealing to a much wider audience.


Once you have your brand in place, you can begin to use it in your advertising and marketing strategies. If you are looking for something to help build your brand and help your business to grow, or if you want to add an extra promotional tool to your existing brand, then lanyards are a cost effective and efficient solution.

Lanyards work for promotional reasons primarily because they are entirely customisable to your business. You can have your logo, company branding or company colours directly printed or dyed onto the lanyards.  They are also affordable to produce and purchase, making lanyards an economically viable and popular advertising choice for businesses everywhere, as when they’re worn around the neck, brightly coloured lanyards are not easy to miss!

Not only do branded logos work for promotional reasons, having a brand identity can convey a sense of professionalism and improve morale amongst staff members, uniting them with a sense of purpose. This has proven to increase productivity, a benefit to your business. This particularly applies when you look at branded lanyards. Not only can your workers wear them around your premises, so your brand name and logo are on show for customers or clients, but if they wear them whilst outside of work during the course of the day, it increases the amount of exposure to potential new customers and widens your potential audience.

One of the advantages of having branded lanyards is that they can be used within your company, not just as promotional offerings for marketing and events. Having security lanyards can identify visitors and help keep your employees safe. Different coloured lanyards can separate different departments and levels of access, keeping key information secure. The best thing about security lanyards is that people tend to wear them all the time, meaning your branding is on regularly on show.


If you feel that lanyards could be a useful promotional tool to get your brand and business out there, then please contact us here at Only lanyards today. We can discuss all your requirements and options, and we can find the perfect solution that works for your brand.