Promotional Lanyards – are they worth it?

Promotional Lanyards – are they worth it?

Promotional lanyards are rapidly becoming the tool of choice for businesses looking to promote brand awareness and increase exposure. But what are the advantages to lanyards? What ways can you use them? And are they worth the cost to businesses and organisations?

What are the advantages to promotional lanyards?

With branding and advertising playing a huge part in our everyday lives, businesses are having to produce increasingly innovative ideas to help them stand out from the competition and create their own brand identity. Promotional lanyards can be a useful marketing tool for businesses looking to become a recognisable brand.

One of the main advantages of lanyards is that they are entirely customisable to your business or organisation. You can have your logo, company branding or text directly printed or dyed onto lanyards, in a variety of pantone matched colours. This custom design feature is a truly attractive proposition to businesses looking to raise their corporate profile, or even charity organisations looking to increase awareness.

They are usually purchased in bulk orders so lanyards are both affordable and cost effective, and can be used across your business or organisation. Neck lanyards are easily seen, so anyone wearing one, from employees to visitors, is a walking promotion, assuring your branding, marketing or promotion is getting the maximum amount of exposure for minimal cost.

As lanyards are traditionally just a strap, their versatility is one of their main advantages. There are numerous attachments and accessories that can be purchased with lanyards, turning the lanyard from an everyday object into something that seems a little more exciting and valuable.


What purposes can promotional lanyards be used for?

Promotional lanyards can be seen as vital to your business, simply because of the various ways they can be used. As we pointed out earlier in the article, neck lanyards are a truly versatile tool, we have listed below the most common uses of lanyards in business.

Freebies -  handing out promotional lanyards as a gift can be an effective marketing tool. Because they are a practical item, recipients are more likely to wear or use them, especially if your branding is colourful and smart, making your brand reach the widest possible consumer base.

If you are wanting to give your promotion a push, there are a range of accessories you can purchase to attach to the end of your freebie lanyard to make it a more attractive prospect. These can be chosen to represent the industry your business or organisation is in, such as a bottle opener for catering services or a lip balm for beauty providers. Extras such as a lanyard wallet, or lanyard keychain can make a client or customer feel valued and more likely to recommend your business to others.

Identification – If you are looking to combine promotional lanyards with a practical use, lanyards are the best way to carry identification and access badges and passes. These can be used for employees, security staff and visitors. ID lanyards can be purchased with your own design and have a range of attachments from lanyard card holders to lanyard badge holders, so you can find the correct accessory to match your preferred form of ID. Having all employees and visitors wear your promotional lanyards as a requirement to hold identification means your brand is regularly on display and your reach will increase.

Brand identity - Company branding on your lanyards can make your business appear official and professional to potential customers or clients, and lanyards can form the first impression that your business has on a wider audience. So lanyards can be a powerful brand identity tool. As well for promotional reasons, having a brand identity that can be displayed can also convey a sense of professionalism and improve morale amongst staff members, uniting them with a sense of purpose.


Are they worth the cost to your business or organisation?

If you are looking for something to help build your brand and help your business to grow, or if you want to add an extra promotional tool to your existing brand, then lanyards can be a cost effective and efficient solution for businesses.

They are affordable to produce and purchase in bulk, which makes lanyards an economically viable and popular promotional choice for businesses and organisations looking to keep costs to a minimum.

Although narrow, lanyards have a great print area, with the ability to repeat a design around the strap itself (a standard length of a lanyard is 900mm) on both sides. Immediately identifiable, it brings the cost per impression - this is the unit cost of the item divided by the number of times it is seen by unique people - down to fractions of a penny.

Ultimately, promotional lanyards are worth it to your business or organisation. So the next time you consider your promotional or marketing options, remember lanyards can be a beneficial and cost effective tool.

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