Planning an Event in 2023? The Importance of Staff and Attendee Identity


Corporate events, conferences and festivals take a lot of planning, and there are numerous considerations to take into account during the organisation process. However, one thing that should not be neglected is security. No matter how large or small your event, your attendees should feel comfortable and safe at all times and there should be procedures in place to help keep the venue secure from unwanted guests.

The first thing to consider is a risk assessment. This is an important step in security measures and will allow you to make an informed decision on how best to prevent issues during the event.

You should then create a register of all confirmed guests, employees and staff working the event, so you have a clear idea of who and who should not be there. This register can work in conjunction with a checkpoint at the entrance to your event. Although having a checkpoint sounds scary, this can simply be a manned desk in the entrance way and have a member of staff check everyone in.

One of the easiest ways to identify who belongs in the event is to use identification cards. When registering to attend the event, the attendee can give several data points, such as full name, DOB etc... that you can then print out and send to your guests to bring with them, along with their invitation if necessary. The best way to do this is online, however, please remember to stay compliant with GDPR rules and regulations around the collection, handling, and storage of personal data.

Event lanyards are an excellent solution to identification, for both attendees and staff members working the event.

Although you want to keep your event trouble-free, security teams at conferences shouldn’t be a vastly visible presence, but they should still be easily identifiable to other employees and event attendees. Personalised lanyards with visible security text ensures they are recognisable without being heavy-handed. Custom lanyards can also help identify staff members and employees from visitors. If all employees are required to wear a lanyard, branded or not, and an ID badge at an event, it is easier to identify any unwanted visitors who try to pass off as an event worker.

This also works when considering visitors. Available access to the venue is usually the most likely source for any breach of security and therefore having lanyards for guest ID badges allows for guests to be visible and recognisable due to the strap itself, whilst the visitor ID badge remains easily accessible. However, this may not be an ideal solution for parties but for conferences, corporate events, and networking, it can be an excellent solution.

Not only do lanyards provide an extra security measure in environments with lots of people, but, if necessary, lanyards can be personalised with your business branding. This in itself is a cost-effective promotional tool, so you are covering both marketing and security all-in-one.

Taking steps to ensure your security and realising the importance of staff and attendee identity for your events in 2023 will help you to organise, plan and ensure your event runs without a hitch. Including lanyards in the strategy can be an inexpensive way to promote your business or brand as well as addressing any security issues on the day.

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