Lanyard Card Holders – Practical and Functional

Lanyard Card Holders – Practical and Functional

You may have been given a lanyard by a company or organization you work for as part of a security or access measure, you may have been given one as a promotional freebie, a gift or even purchased one yourself. But what do you do with it?

A lanyard is quite simply a strap of (usually) printed material designed to wear around the neck – but it wants to have something on the end of it! There is an extensive range of accessories available for lanyards. The most common uses and accessories are for security or promotional purposes. But there an unlimited number of purposes a lanyard can be used for and therefore a lot of possible accessories! In this blog we are focusing on card holders, but what are they?

Lanyard card holders are used to display relevant information attached to the clip at the end of a lanyard and are by far the most purchased lanyard accessory. This is because card holders are generally used for identification badges. For the security conscious business or organization, lanyards are an efficient, cost effective method for carrying ID’s, so card holders have become the most popular accessory.

There are two main types of card holder, a rigid plastic card holder or a clear, soft PVC pouch – both equally as functional, although have different practicalities.


Rigid Plastic Card Holder

This rigid holder is designed for identification cards or membership cards; these are the same size as your bank cards and can have all manner of security features built in. Made of rigid plastic, they are ideal if you are looking for a long-lasting attachment for your lanyard. They can be printed with a multitude of designs and colours, and here at Only Lanyards we can even pantone match the specific colours if necessary. We can also print logos, texts, or designs on the reverse as well if required.

As rigid plastic card holders can be purchased in either landscape or portrait, or open faced or enclosed, they are often the perfect solution for use as a security measure and as they are a durable option to hold ID badges, they are also a cost effective solution for businesses looking to purchase staff and employee access passes and badges.

As they are fully customisable, the option to have logos or branding printed on the card holders can also work as a promotional tool. Plus, having company branding on card holders used for visitor passes or badges can make your business appear more professional and if staff or visitors leave the premises whilst wearing your branded card holder, it increases your business exposure.

They are hard wearing and can be wiped clean and sanitised, so if you work in an industry that requires you to be on the premises, they are also exceedingly useful during this pandemic.

Although they are made of plastic, the fact that they are reusable means they have less effect on the environment and less effect on your wallet!


Clear Soft PVC Holder

The Clear PVC pouch is a clear wallet with punched holes to accommodate both single ended and double ended lanyards. They are perhaps more versatile than the rigid plastic card holder, as it comes in different standard sizes, or even bespoke sizes if necessary. As well as being able to hold ID cards, they are in effect, just like a small wallet and can carry other bits of information. Particularly useful for conferences, exhibitions, and other events; the PVC holder can easily carry printed Entrance tickets, floor plans, menus, and anything else you can think of!

Many exhibitions and events choose to have a double-ended lanyard when using the soft PVC holder, which although not strictly necessary, does stop the occasional problem of the card holder reversing on the wearers chest if being used as a security measure and to hold identification badges.

If you are thinking about buying either lanyards or any clips or accessories including card holders, then look no further than here at Only Lanyards. To complement the card holders, we have a full range of designer lanyards if you are looking for something a little bit special and we have a custom lanyard range to accommodate your own branding or designs.

Not only do we have a fantastic range of products, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, then you contact us for a personalized quote on amounts and sizes and we are happy to send you samples before you make your choice.

If you are interested in purchasing lanyards or accessories for yourself or your business or organisation, then we would love to hear from you. Even if you are unsure of what it is you would want or require, we can guide you through the process. Feel free to contact us directly by phone on 01765 233 144 or by email at