How Lanyards Can Help Your Brand Identity

The Importance of Business Branding

In the current digital world, a strong brand identity is vital to separate you from other business, as when competition is fierce, having a recognisable brand not only can give you the edge over your rivals, but may be the difference between success and business growth, or failure to thrive. If you are looking for something to help build your brand identity and help your business to grow, or if you want to add an extra promotional tool to your existing brand, then lanyards can be a cost effective and efficient solution for businesses.

So, just how do lanyards help with creating or maintaining a brand identity?

Providing Visuals

Business branding includes any part of a strategy that you employ to define who you are as a company. As we all move online, visual elements are becoming increasingly important as they are key to the digital world. Your logo, company colours, products are all used to create your business brand and differentiate your business from your competition. Your logo will appear on everything your business is involved in, it is the primary image customers will associate with your brand. It needs to be unique and recognisable to help build connections with customers – it also needs to be aesthetically appealing; you want to create positive associations in the customers' mind.

This means that getting your visual branding out there should be a key focus for your marketing team, and what better way than having your brand constantly on show? Lanyards can be an affordable, effective solution for branding and marketing your company or product and has the added benefit of being a useful tool to hold employee identification.

Promotional Help

When looking at lanyards for promotional help, many brands have discovered that lanyards are an ideal item to use as a “freebie” or a promotional gift. This can prove particularly helpful if your business or organisations regularly attend trade shows or events. Lanyards work as a successful gift idea for brands and businesses as they are cheap to purchase but can be fully personalised with your business branding. Handing out promotional lanyards can be an effective marketing tool and because they are a practical item, recipients are more likely to wear or use them, especially if your branding is colourful, smart and customised, ensuring your brand reaches the widest possible consumer base.

If handing out freebies is not compatible with your business model, or you simply don’t attend trade shows, you may be interested as to how lanyards can benefit you. Conferences and events are the gold standard for networking opportunities and with that comes easy marketing options. If you are the ones hosting the event or conference, then lanyards are the perfect choice to hold identification badges. They do not damage clothing like traditional pin badges and everyone at the event will be walking around wearing your branding.  


Uniting your employees behind your Brand

As well for promotional reasons, having a brand identity that can be worn around the neck i.e., on a lanyard so it is visible by all, can convey a sense of professionalism and improve morale amongst staff members, uniting them with a sense of purpose. This use of branded lanyards has been documented to increase employee productivity, which can be of benefit to any business or organisation!


One of the biggest benefits to purchasing lanyards, either as a free promotional gift or as a tool for use by your employees, is the ability to customise your lanyard design. Your logo and design on a lanyard not only help shape your brand identity by creating a strong visual, but with regular use, they can help imprint your brand identity in people’s minds.

If you are looking for branded lanyards to help you with your brand identity, then full colour printed lanyards are the best option for complex designs, they can be accurately reproduced, giving you the best chance of being noticed. You have the choice of screen print or dye sublimated (also known as heat transfer) lanyards. Both are a similar price and extremely cost effective, especially when buying in bulk.

Another aspect to customisation is the wide variety of lanyard accessories available to be utilised. If you are buying your lanyards for promotional purposes, for an event or conference, then it is worth considering adding an accessory for the lanyard in the form of a promotional gift. This is more likely to get the recipient to wear your lanyard and can prove an inexpensive branding push. The gift does not have to be expensive, often a lip balm or whistle if it is sporting or festival related but adding a lanyard accessory to your promotional gift can often be a useful marketing tool.


Creating your Brand Identity with Only Lanyards

If you are thinking about buying branded lanyards, promotional lanyards or any lanyard accessories for yourself, your business or organisation, then please get in touch with us here at Only Lanyards. As well as lanyards to support your brand, to give away as promotional items, increase security, or to help keep you safe, we also have a full range of designer lanyards if you are looking for something a little bit special, and we have a custom lanyard range to accommodate your own branding, company colours and any information you would like to be prominently displayed.

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