Conference Security Measure – Keeping your guests safe

Conference Security Measure

Although Conferences are low on the current agenda for most industries, as the UK moves to re-open, businesses are beginning to tentatively plan for the future, when events and conferences will be once again be permitted. Initially, there may only be a certain number of people allowed to attend, which means that the opportunity to network and promote businesses becomes smaller. However, regardless of the number of people there, it is still vitally important to keep your guests safe and not to sacrifice security measures. Especially as the world is recovering from a pandemic.

Due to the economic impact the Coronavirus has had on industry, businesses may be looking to keep costs low when conferences and events are up and running. One of the options to consider is the lanyard. For security and access purposes, lanyards are the best cost-effective solutions available, as well as serving the dual purpose of also being a promotional tool.

Members of Security

Lanyards are extensively used by security personnel around the world in both the public and private sectors. When working at a conference, members of security may not need to be a hugely visible presence, but they need to be quickly identifiable, a necessity when you are dealing with sometimes stressful and emergency situations.

Members of security can use lanyards to hold ID badges, vital in their line of work. The best option is often printed lanyards, as this allows members of security to be easily identified simply by the strap itself. Security can also be improved by using double-sided badge holders as the lanyard attachment, which allows ID badges to be readily accessible should members of security need to identify themselves to staff and guests.

Conference staff and Business employees

Lanyards can identify members and staff of organisations. If all employees are required to wear a lanyard and ID badge at a conference, it is easier to identify those that shouldn’t be there. And because a lanyard is worn around the neck, ID badges are prominently displayed. Making safety and security as straightforward as possible.

Conference Guests and Visitors

Regardless of the industry you are in, visitor ID badges are always useful. Conference guests and visitors are the most likely source for an intentional or unintentional breach of security, something that should be considered by businesses dealing with sensitive information and technology. As with members of security, having lanyards for visitor ID badges allows for guests to be visible and recognisable due to the strap itself, whilst the visitor ID badge remains easily accessible. Not only do lanyards provide an extra security measure in environments with lots of people, but if necessary, lanyards can be colour coded to separate the staff and employees from guests.

By using a colour coded lanyard for visitor identification badges, it ensures they are visible to any employees working the conference and makes it easier for staff to recognise and act appropriately towards the guests.

Health Safety and Security

As we know this has been a tough year or so, and with the wearing of face masks now our new normal, the government, or more specifically, the Department of Health and Social Care, has endorsed an NHS scheme called the Distance Aware initiative. This was established to enable individuals to politely make others aware that they need to maintain social distancing and should be respectful of their own space, by means of self-identifying with a badge. This is especially important for those in society that have underlying health problems and for whom social distancing needs to be maintained.

We do not know what the future will look like when events and conferences are once again allowed to take place, but there is a high chance that there will still be some form of social distancing regulations to adhere to. The government website has templates of these badges and has recommended lanyards as a safe way to carry them. Even when not in a global pandemic, lanyards are the perfect tool when considering accessibility. They offer a hands-free solution, thereby reducing the risk of catching or passing the virus, whilst being an efficient and quick way of identification.

The other health and security consideration is for people who cannot wear masks. Many of these people are utlitising the sunflower lanyard, which was an initiative backed by the UK government and launched by the Hidden Disabilities charity to discreetly but visibly indicate that the wearer had a hidden disability and as such may require some extra help and support whilst out in public.

To keep the employees and conference guests safe, all mask wearing and social distancing rules must be stringently applied. Lanyards can help identify those that are exempt from mask wearing, which can allow members of security to remove anyone not sticking to the rules, keeping everyone else as safe as possible.


Lanyard Security Options

If your business is considering lanyards as an option for future events or conferences, you may be wondering what choices you have.

The most common type of lanyard is printed. An economical choice for those buying in bulk and because they are screen printed, both the material and branding can be in any colour of your choosing.

If you’re looking for a lanyard with a higher quality and photo quality images, then dye sublimination lanyards are an excellent choice. They are less cost effective than their printed counterparts, especially if buying in large numbers, but this technique can achieve a refinement for logos you may not achieve with screen printed lanyards.

Woven lanyards are more environmentally friendly than other types and offers durability because the design is part of the fabric itself. This type tends to lends itself well to simple but effective branding. There is usually a slightly longer lead time on woven lanyards to bear that in mind when ordering.

If a lanyard is being used for a badge or security pass, or even keys during a conference or event, then a badge reel is an excellent accessory. Whilst a popper fastening, or metal belt clip provides a straightforward way for your employees, members of security and conference guests to keep their access passes and identification badges secure.

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