Why Lanyards are One of the Best Marketing Tools Around

Why Lanyards are One of the Best Marketing Tools Around

Suppose you’re looking for a cheap yet effective way to advertise your business. In that case, lanyards could be the promotional tool you are looking for. In the UK, there are now over 5.82 million small businesses, a number which is growing day by day. With this in mind, it has never been more important to stand out in a potentially crowded market. A proven marketing technique, like custom lanyards, could be precisely what you are looking for. 


Five Important Reasons Why You Should Use Lanyards for Marketing Your Business

When it comes down to choosing an effective marketing technique for your business, custom lanyards have the edge. They’re not expensive and can be highly customised and distributed in many different ways. Additionally, everyone uses them, so they have a potentially significant reach as well. Here are five strong reasons why your next marketing campaign should involve lanyards.

Everyone Uses Lanyards. In your day to day life, how many people have you spotted wearing a lanyard? Probably quite a few! Office workers and students wear them to keep their ID cards close by, and even kids use them for playing dress-up! Lanyards are even used as keychains by many people. Because they are universal in nature, virtually anyone can use them. This makes them the ideal marketing tool for almost any business because they can be handed out to prospects, who might further spread awareness of your company to others. Consider printing your company name and logo when you have your lanyards made. People will wear them, and your brand will gain better exposure.

Lanyards are Inexpensive. Many forms of marketing are expensive, yet don’t result in a good return on investment. When considering something like a TV commercial, there are many different aspects to consider. Planning, writing the script, videography, buying props and hiring locations, not to mention the cost of editing, hiring actors and getting it on the telly! All of this can be expensive, considering this is for just one commercial. Other forms of advertising, like billboards, radio or print ads, Facebook or Adwords ads, can be costly. For most businesses, the cost associated with these forms of advertising is too much. Lanyards, however, are a fraction of the cost. They’re particularly suited to events, as hundreds upon thousands can potentially be handed out. They provide value to every single person, as they can be kept and used. Every time the individual uses the lanyard, they will remember your company.

Lanyards are Far-Reaching. Every person that takes away your lanyard will become very familiar with your brand. However, the exposure doesn’t merely end here. Think about the number of people that one person might come into contact with every day. They may also potentially be exposed to your logo, slogan and name. Considering that one person might interact with as many as eight different people each day, there are nine sets of eyes seeing your lanyard, potentially. Say you hand out 500 lanyards in a week. Multiply that by eight. Then you can begin to see just how many people are seeing your brand name and logo. Pretty impressive, right?

Distributable through Many Mediums. Commonly, they are handed out at tradeshows and events. This makes sense, considering you’ll probably come into contact with hundreds or even thousands of different customers. These customers may then go on to show other people, making the outreach even greater. Custom lanyards are an effective way to stand out, and lanyards themselves are useful, even after an event. If you don’t attend events, there are other ways that lanyards can be used. If you are a retailer or online trader, they can be included in the packaging of your item. You could choose to sponsor an event in the local community, handing them out to every single attendee. Similarly, they could be given out at community parties, festivals or dinners. It’s even possible to donate them to a local community centre or school so that the students or users can make use of them.

Lanyards are Highly Customisable. Most of the lanyard manufacturing process can be customised, such as the lanyard colour, length, width and material. Slogans and messages can also be printed on lanyards with ease, and it’s even possible to colour match lanyards to specific brand colours. Although you can design your own lanyard, many companies offer a design service, to ensure the customer is happy with the final product. Because last-minute situations within a business can be a common occurrence, most companies can accommodate a quick turnaround. So, unlike other forms of marketing, designing and creating lanyards don’t take months and months of preparation. 


With Custom Lanyards, You Have Nothing to Lose, and Potentially a lot to Gain

With more and more small businesses establishing themselves here in the UK, companies are having to stand out in a potentially crowded market increasingly. Custom lanyards can help with this. In fact, they are considered a very useful form of marketing.

They are great for brand exposure, as virtually everyone uses them, and they’re much cheaper than other forms of advertising like TV or radio. They have the potential to reach a broad audience, can be handed out anywhere, and are highly customisable.