The importance of school lanyards

Businessman at an exhibition or conference showing a blank security identity name card on a lanyard

Lanyards are a common sight in today’s schools, where they are helping to keep students and staff safe. Affordable and versatile, lanyards are an easy win for schools that want to look professional and reassure parents that they take security seriously. In this blog, we look at the benefits of using personalised and plain lanyards in schools.

Top five uses for lanyards in schools 

Lanyards are a useful way to keep track of staff, students, and visitors in schools. Here, we share our top five uses for lanyards in schools:

  1. Security in schools

For those educational settings with a high head count, lanyards are a cost effective way of making sure that the right people are in the right place at the right time. This makes it easy to spot unwanted visitors – even from a distance – and provides parents with the reassurance they need that schools are taking security and student wellbeing seriously.

  1. Student identification 

It's common to see students wearing lanyards in secondary schools and further education colleges now. Not only do they provide a way for students to identify themselves, but lanyard card holders are ideal for carrying their smart ID cards.

More and more students are being issued with smart cards to access their school building, and pay for things like lunches or take out library books.

  1. School trips and visits

Lots of schools are now issuing their pupils and students with lanyards when they venture out on trips. It makes children who have been split up from the rest of their class easy to identify, and best of all, if you use one of our clear PVC pouches with your lanyard, you can attach the details of your school and an emergency contact number.

  1. Identifying visitors 

During open days, sports events, and parents' evenings, you can expect to find lots of people wandering about the school building. By giving everyone a 'visitor' lanyard, you can quickly identify who should be there – and importantly, who shouldn't!

Much like with students on a school trip, adding a clear PVC pouch gives you the option to add an extra bit of information to help identify everyone. It could be a photo ID that you print on the day or a torn-out section of the visitor sign-in sheet/book.

  1. A professional experience

Whether you issue lanyards to staff, students, visitors, or all three, custom lanyards can give your school a professional look and feel. At one time, educational lanyards were all plain, but with a reduction in costs, it's now possible to opt for something personalised that includes your school's colour scheme, crest/logo, and name.

Designing your personalised lanyards

For a professional look and feel, it is possible to design your own personalised lanyards.

To begin, think about the colour lanyard that would most suit your educational setting. You might choose to use your school's visual identity as the starting point or perhaps, you'd prefer three completely different colours for staff, students, and visitors. We can match your school's colours exactly by using your Pantone or RGB colour references.

Colour is important but if you really want to customise your lanyard then adding your logo or crest will give you a professional finish. At Only Lanyards, our two most popular printing methods are screen printing and dye sublimation:

  • screen-printed lanyards use a flat weave (ribbed) polyester, which is ideal for designs with up to four spot colours
  • dye sublimation (heat transferred) lanyards use a smoother, silkier type of polyester – perfect for full colour designs

While screen-printed lanyards are cost-effective, dye sublimation lanyards have the added benefit of being printed on both sides. We don't expect you to be an expert in picking lanyards, which is why our team are on-hand to make the process easy.

You can choose to send us your complete artwork or just send your logo and let us do the rest. We're happy to design your lanyard for you, and we can even send you free samples by post to give you an idea of some of the work we've done for other clients.

What are the benefits of a plain lanyard? 

If you need your lanyards quickly and budget is an issue then plain lanyards, could be the solution you need. When you order plain lanyards, you can expect to benefit from:

  • a wide choice of colours
  • a hassle-free ordering process
  • a quick turnaround, and
  • free, next day delivery when you order before 2pm

If we're low on stock or we think it's going to take longer to arrive, we'll let you know.

Our plain lanyards are made using flat weave polyester and come with a metal trigger clip as standard that fits most lanyard card holders.

These lanyards also come with a safety break, designed to snap apart without causing injury if the lanyard gets caught on something or someone pulls it. We include safety breaks as standard because we've found our customers prefer the peace of mind that comes from knowing it's included, but you can opt to leave them out, if you prefer.

Why choose Only Lanyards? 

Our customer-first approach to business has helped us establish lasting relationships, not just with our clients, but with our suppliers too. We've worked with organisations both big and small, across the whole of the UK – just some of our clients include:

  • University of Cambridge
  • Northumbria University (Newcastle)
  • Mind – the mental health charity
  • Visit England
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • Nationwide (building society)

We pride ourselves on delivering quality products at an affordable price, and we are so confident that we offer the best value lanyards on the market, that we'll beat any genuine like-for-like quotation. Our friendly team are on-hand to make the ordering process easy, and if you’re not completely satisfied with your lanyards, we’ll give you your money back!

If you're interested in finding out more about custom lanyards for your school, or you'd like to order plain lanyards for a quick turnaround, contact our team today.