Promotional Lanyards for Businesses


With the cost-of-living crisis hitting businesses hard, economic hardship is forcing a range of cost-cutting measures across a lot of different industries. It is a vicious circle that as profits drop, investment in a marketing push would be beneficial to companies, however many simply do not have the funds to spend on a marketing or promotional campaign.

As the world becomes digitised and we move toward visual content being king, (Tik-Tok anyone?) there is an increasing importance on branding and making sure you are being seen by your target audience as much as possible. This also extends to outside of the digital sphere. Many traditional advertising or marketing avenues are losing their appeal as the high street slowly dies and we move online. However, there is still a lot of potential exposure to an audience outside of our phones and businesses should be looking to maximise their opportunities by exploring different ideas.

There are cheaper alternatives to an expensive digital marketing strategy and many businesses are discovering the use of promotional lanyards as a cost-effective solution to their marketing woes.

So, how can a promotional lanyard help your business?


Awareness of your brand is a key element of any marketing strategy. As visuals form a big part of your brand identity, your logo and company colours are vital to create your business brand and help you stand out or identify your business from your competition.

This means that getting your visual branding out there should be a key focus for you or your marketing team, and what better way than having your brand constantly on show with the use of personalised lanyards?

One of the main advantages of lanyards is that they are entirely customisable to your business or organisation. You can have your logo, company branding, or text directly printed or dyed onto lanyards, in a variety of pantone matched colours. This custom design feature is a truly attractive proposition to businesses looking to raise their corporate profile, and by personalising your lanyards with your brand, you can help to keep your brand identity consistent throughout all areas of your business.

Company branding on your lanyards can also make your business appear official and professional to potential customers or clients, and lanyards can form the first impression that your business has on a wider audience. So, lanyards can be a powerful brand identity tool. As well for promotional reasons, having a brand identity that can be displayed can also convey a sense of professionalism amongst your staff members, making them more likely to wear the lanyard outside of work, increasing your business exposure.


As lanyards, especially staff lanyards, are usually purchased in bulk orders, they are both affordable and cost-effective and can be used across your business or organisation for identification and access purposes. Neck lanyards are easily seen, so anyone wearing one, from employees to visitors, is a walking promotion, assuring your branding, marketing or promotion is getting the maximum amount of exposure for minimal cost.

As we said, they are affordable to produce and purchase in bulk, which makes lanyards an economically viable and popular promotional choice for businesses and organisations looking to keep costs to a minimum.

Although narrow, lanyards have a great print area, with the ability to repeat a design around the strap itself (a standard length of a lanyard is 900mm) on both sides. Immediately identifiable, it brings the cost per impression - this is the unit cost of the item divided by the number of times it is seen by unique people - down to fractions of a penny. Compared to a full promotional strategy, lanyards offer a cheaper, effective way to increase your visibility to your target audience.


If you want to promote your business, or even a particular product, then handing out lanyards as a gift at an event is a good way to ensure your business reaches the widest possible consumer base. You can even add lanyard accessories, which increase the likelihood of them being worn.

If you don’t want them to hand lanyards out as a freebie promotional item, then they’re still a good idea for security purposes for your staff at any event. Lanyards, after all, are an extremely practical method for carrying identification passes.

Only Lanyards – how we can help

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to promotion or marketing, then look no further than here at Only Lanyards.

We have a range of lanyards to suit all budgets and have created a buying advice page on the website. This means you can be fully informed before purchasing, so you know exactly what you want and what you will get.

Our buying advice contains all you need to know about how to choose the right lanyard, including dimensions, fittings, fabric, and colours. This should help make the process of buying your lanyards as easy as possible.

If you are still unsure, then our team is always available to talk through your options or we can send you samples of what we have done before to help you choose the right lanyard for you.

As satisfied customers are our priority, we have built up a wonderful team of people to provide exceptional service throughout the process and that is part of what separates us from the rest.  So, if you’re interested in purchasing promotional lanyards for your business or would like a bespoke design and want excellent service at a great price, then call our sales team on 01765 233 144 or email