Personalised lanyards: brand awareness made simple

Businessman showing a blank identity name card

If you're looking for promotional merchandise to raise brand awareness, then consider using customised lanyards. They're cost-effective, simple to execute, and the right design can help you stand out in a crowd.

In this blog, we look at how to use lanyards for brand awareness, and delve into the options available for customising them.

How are lanyards being used for brand awareness? 

What makes the lanyard so appealing is just how many different ways it can be used, and this versatility offers a range of opportunities to promote your brand.

Lanyards are perhaps best known for being used to identify the wearer. For example, in an NHS hospital, the staff wear lanyards so patients and visitors can quickly locate the right person when they need help.

In other sectors they are also used to identify volunteers, event attendees, athletes, performers, teachers, school children, and visitors – to name a few!

Most lanyards have an ID card holder attached, but often a quick glance at the logo printed on the lanyard is all that's needed. It's an effective way of short cutting the process of finding out who everyone is, but at the same time you're raising brand awareness.

If your primary purpose is promotion, then custom lanyards also make effective branded merchandise. They are popular as corporate freebies, and they can be sold as souvenirs at tourist destinations, attractions, and events.

You might be surprised to learn that according to the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) customers who receive branded merchandise are 75% more likely to buy from you again.

Why are lanyards so effective at brand awareness?

Lanyards are easy to customise, which makes them great at raising brand awareness. With a choice of colours and the option to have a personalised print, you can create a lanyard that reflects your branding accurately.

This not only helps you stand out from the crowd, but with the right design your lanyard will be remembered, and your logo and message will stick in people's minds.

Branded merchandise is one of the oldest forms of advertising – it's memorable and long-lasting, and what's more, it offers a personal touch and this can help you build trust with your audience.

Offering your customers something useful is a great way of demonstrating that you've listened to them – and this is more important than ever in a world where audiences are increasingly sceptical of brands.

If your lanyard is useful, it's more likely to be used again, and this will help you to raise brand awareness. It means more people will have the opportunity to see your brand and more eyes on your logo can only be a good thing.

Spotlight on eco-friendly designer lanyards

Lanyards can help you align your brand with the things your customers care about, and for many people right now that's the environment.

Consumers are actively looking for brands that have a recyclable or reusable option.

Lanyards can be re-used many times, which puts them ahead of some of the single-use, throw-away promotional items available on the market. At Only Lanyards, we also sell eco-friendly lanyards for environment-conscious brands.

There are two options to choose from: 

  1. Recycled PET, which is made of plastic bottles
  2. Bamboo fibre, which is plant-based

Just like with other personalised lanyards, the material is durable, washable, and you can have it Pantone matched and printed with your logo.

How to customise your personalised lanyard

There are lots of ways to customise the design of your lanyard so it stands out and reflects your brand accurately. It begins with choosing between a screen-printed or dye-sublimated lanyard.

  • Screen-printed: this type of print method uses a flat polyester material, and you can have your design printed on one side of the lanyard in vibrant spot colours.
  • Dye-sublimated: using a smoother, satin-like polyester, this type of print is ideal for picture-quality reproduction in full colour and on both sides of the lanyard.

Whatever material and print method you choose, we recommend that you use a simple design that puts your logo front and centre. To really make an impact, use contrasting colours, prioritise bold elements, and stick to one typeface for an uncluttered feel.

We offer Pantone-matching on all our customised lanyards so you can replicate your corporate colours exactly – not just in the print, but the colour of the material as well.

Clips and attachments are another great way of customising your lanyards.

All our lanyards come with a metal trigger clip as standard, and they include safety breaks behind the neck in case the lanyard is pulled or gets caught on something.

We also have a variety of lanyard attachments for different uses, from ID card holders and soft PVC pouches to wine glass holders, lip balm, and whistles. The more useful you make your lanyard, the more likely it is to be used (and seen) again.

Why choose Only Lanyards 

Only Lanyards was established in 2001 and since then we've built up a team of passionate individuals who are experienced in this industry.

We don't expect you to be experts in lanyard design or print, or even know about the options available. It's our job to make it easy for you to find the right lanyard that meets your marketing objectives.

If you chose to work with us, you'll be in good company. We're proud to count some of Britain's biggest household names among our customers, including:

  • Nationwide
  • Tour de Yorkshire
  • Age UK
  • Visit England
  • University of Cambridge
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • Sony
  • British Heart Foundation

We're so confident that you'll love the finished product, that if you're not delighted with your order, we'll refund 100% of your money. 

We will beat any like-for-like quotation and you can rest assured that all our prices are inclusive so there are no nasty surprises waiting for you further down the line. To get a quote or to find out more, contact our friendly team by phone or email.