Branded Lanyards and How They Can Help Your Business

Uses for Lanyards

The most modern use for a lanyard is for promotional purposes. It can be customised with any design and is affordable to produce and purchase, making a lanyard an economically viable and popular advertising choice for businesses everywhere. The branding on a lanyard, especially at events and conferences, can increase your company’s exposure without the need for expensive publicity.


A strong brand identity is vital in the world of business. When competition is fierce, having a recognisable brand can be the difference between success and failure. If you are looking for something to help build your brand and help your business to grow, or if you want to add an extra promotional tool to your existing brand, then lanyards are a cost effective and efficient solution.

Because lanyards are full customisable, you can be sure that your lanyard is distinctive and individual in a world where it is hard to find anything unique. 

Not only do branded logos work for promotional reasons, having a brand identity can convey a sense of professionalism and camaraderie amongst staff members, uniting them with a sense of purpose. This has proven to increase productivity, a benefit to your business. This particularly applies when you look at branded lanyards. Not only can your workers wear them around a shop floor (if this is applicable) so your brand name and logo are on show for customers or clients, but if they wear them whilst out and about doing tasks during the course of the day, it increases the amount of exposure to potential new business. Let’s face it, when they’re worn around the neck, brightly coloured lanyards are pretty hard to miss!

Conferences and events are the gold standard for networking opportunities and with that comes easy marketing options. If you are the ones hosting the event or conference, then lanyards are the perfect choice to hold name badges. They do not damage clothing like traditional pin badges and everyone at the event will be walking around wearing your branding. 

If you have an exhibition or stand at a conference or trade show, then you may be thinking of handing out freebies. Lanyards are an excellent option for this. Cheap to make but being fully customisable, handing out promotional lanyards can be an effective marketing tool. Because they are a practical item, recipients are more likely to wear or use them, especially if your branding is colourful and smart, making your brand reach the widest possible consumer base.

Although at the moment events, conferences and trade shows are being run remotely, it still doesn’t mean branded lanyards can’t work for you and your business. Any member of your team can still market your business through the wearing of a branded lanyard on camera, even if video meetings now negate the need for the primary purpose of a name badge!

One of the advantages of having branded lanyards is that they can be used within your company, not just outside it for marketing and events. Having security lanyards can identify visitors and help keep your employees safe. Different coloured lanyards can separate different departments and levels of access, keeping key information secure. The best thing about security lanyards is that people tend to wear them all the time, meaning your branding is on regularly on show. 

So what are my options?

Full colour printed lanyards are the best option for complex designs, they can be accurately reproduced, giving you the best chance of being noticed. You have the choice of screen print or dye sublimated (also known as heat transfer) lanyards. Both are a similar price and extremely cost effective, especially when buying in bulk. 

Screen printed lanyards allows for multiple colour transfers and all colours can be pantone colour matched for both the design and the material used. Printed onto flat weave polyester, this type of lanyard is durable, and our screen print process is so effective, that any logos printed using this method we guarantee not to rub off. Even when faced with the washing machine!

Dye sublimated or heat transfer lanyards are when the design is heat transferred directly onto the material rather than printed on. Like the screen printed lanyards, we also use polyester, but for this process the polyester is smoother and silkier than the ribbed flat weave used for screen printed ones. Heat transfer technology allows us to print on both sides, which gives you the option of your design running over the edges and onto the back, giving you a freedom and flexibility with your personalisation. This technique also means you have access to a huge colour palette and fine details will not be lost, allowing your logo and design to stand out in a crowd. 

There are a couple of other material options, including woven lanyards which give a professional look but are limited with colours and design and tubular lanyards which are robust, but because the way the material is woven together, can stretch, distorting any designs. 

With the environment being a hot topic, you or your business may want to have a little more corporate responsibility, in which case eco-friendly lanyards are the answer. Screen printed onto environmentally friendly materials, you still have pantone matched colour options and the same level of detail. With the option of PET -  which is recycled bottles, or bamboo and no loss of customisation, this is a great option to increase your green credentials. 

So the next time you think about promotional and marketing options, remember lanyards are a cost beneficial and effective tool at your disposal.