Lanyards and Festivals

Lanyards and Festivals

As we draw ever nearer to what the media have dubbed “freedom day” when all pandemic restrictions are lifted, thoughts have inevitably towards a Summer of fun. With a lot of festivals been given permission to go ahead as part of the government’s Events Research Programme, with others still operating with reduced numbers, festivals such as Creamfields, Bloodstock, Reading & Leeds, BBC Proms and a host of food and drink festivals, have given people a chance to get back to some form of normality this summer.

With festivals back on the agenda, organisers will be relying on their event staple – lanyards. Festival lanyards are a fantastic tool to use at events and exhibitions, and offer a variety of benefits to festival organisers looking to create a consistent brand message, and run their event smoothly. But what are the other benefits of lanyards for the festival season?


For Event and Festival Organisers

Festival and event organisers traditionally rely on a heavy use of neck lanyards for several reasons. Safety and access being the primary concern when dealing with a big environment such as a festival. Lanyards are perfect for quickly identifying whether a person has access to the various security, VIP, and backstage areas as they are a visible, yet hands free way of carrying ID badges thanks to lanyard ID holders and lanyard badge holders. There is also the option of having the lanyards themselves designed with specific text or branding for easy identification. This is a popular technique for use with on-site security and medical personnel, especially in busy environments such as a festival.

As well as lanyards for identifying staff or accessibility purposes, with the substantial numbers expected at festivals around the UK, using brightly coloured lanyards for all attendees is a proven and effective crowd control technique.

However, the main benefit for festival organisers is the cost. Buying lanyards, especially in the bulk orders required for festivals, is an economical and cost effective choice. Event organisers should also consider how festival lanyards can offer a source of revenue. Consider offering sponsorship of space on your event lanyard to businesses who want to be seen at your festival?

Alternatively, you can customise your lanyard with accessories such as bottle openers or lip balms and sell them to festival goers as a souvenir.


For Businesses

With many businesses having taken an economic hit over the past year, there is a noticeable increase in businesses and organisations looking for cost effective marketing. Festivals and other events provide a remarkable opportunity for exposure, with businesses using the festival staple of lanyards to promote their brand.

Many festival organisers will offer sponsorship deals for their lanyards, this means you can have your logo, company branding or company colours directly printed or dyed onto the lanyards. As everyone who attends a festival is required to have some form of ticket and/or ID, and lanyards are the most popular choice, the branding on a lanyard can increase your business exposure without the need for expensive publicity.

The bigger the number and diversity of festival lanyards that your business sponsors and uses as a promotional tool for marketing purposes, the bigger the exposure, which can lead to an increase in your business sales, all for an affordable price.

Not only are promotional lanyards a practical item, but recipients are more likely to wear or use them if your branding is colourful and catches the eye, which can help reach a wider audience. Funky lanyards are a great pull at festivals!

Many festival goers create good memories at the events they attendance, so keeping your ticket/pass/ID card and the lanyard attached has become a collectible hobby for some people and a keepsake for others, further widening your brand and creating positive associations with your business.


What type of lanyard is best for Festivals?

There are many different uses for lanyards during a festival, from security to being given out as a freebie.

Standard lanyards offer a cheaper option, although many festival organisers choose to have a double-ended lanyard, which although not strictly necessary, does stop the occasional problem of any accessory reversing on the wearers chest, especially useful when being used for identification, passes and security purposes.

If you want to use lanyards as a promotional tool and offer personalised sponsorship deals to businesses, then customised screen printed lanyards are the most cost effective option. Screen printing allows for pantone colour match, so both your own and business sponsor branding can easily be replicated onto a lanyard, along with text and images.

If being given out as simply as a functional lanyard card holder for ticket and ID purposes, you may want to keep your lanyard basic, simply using your company colours or branding. Here at Only Lanyards we keep unprinted lanyards in stock, so they are readily available for last minute events and are affordable to purchase.

If you are handing out lanyards as a souvenir with an accessory, then there are a range of clips and attachments as well as a wide variety of accessories to enhance your lanyard.

If you are thinking about buying either lanyards, clips or accessories for festivals and events, then look no further than here at Only Lanyards. As well as lanyards for access and security or for giving away as a sponsorship or as a promotional lanyard, we have a full range of designer lanyards if you are looking for something a little bit special and we have a custom lanyard range to accommodate your own branding or designs.

Not only do we have a fantastic range of products, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, then you contact us for a personalised quote on amounts and sizes and we are happy to send you samples before you make your choice.

If you are interested in purchasing lanyards or accessories for yourself or your business or event, then we would love to hear from you. Even if you are unsure of what it is you would want or require, we can guide you through the process. Feel free to contact us directly by phone on 01765 233 144 or by email at