Why Lanyards Work for Business

Why Lanyards Work for Business

Many businesses are coming to realise the benefits that lanyards can offer their company. Lanyards are a surprisingly cost effective tool that can be used in different ways across the scope of a business, from visitors to Zoom calls. So we have written this article to highlight the different ways lanyards can work for you and your business.


With the expansion of global business, having a recognisable brand identity can help form positive relationships and connections with customers and clients.

Lanyards work for businesses looking to promote their brand identity primarily because they can be entirely customisable to your business. Businesses can have logos, company branding or company colours directly printed or dyed onto the lanyards. They are also affordable to purchase, even for smaller businesses, making lanyards an economically viable and popular brand advertising choice for businesses everywhere.

Using lanyards in a branding capacity can also work for businesses in other areas. There is evidence that employees who regularly wear branded lanyards have improved morale, united in a sense of purpose. Used in this way, branded lanyards can increase productivity, a benefit to businesses. Plus, by having staff regularly wear branded and customised lanyards around the premises so their brand name and logo are on show for customers or clients, but if employees wear them whilst outside of work during the course of the day, it increases the amount of exposure to potential new customers, and branding is all about exposure.

Company branding on your lanyards can also make your business appear official and professional to visitors, and remember, these may form the first impression of your business a visitor may have.

Promotional Purposes

Cheap to make but being fully customisable, handing out promotional lanyards as a gift can be an effective marketing tool. Because they are a practical item, recipients are more likely to wear or use them, especially if your branding is colourful and smart, making your brand reach the widest possible consumer base.

If you wanted to go the extra mile, there are a range of accessories you can purchase to clip on to the end of your lanyard. These can be chosen to represent the industry you’re in, such as a bottle opener for catering services or a lip balm for beauty providers. Personal touches can make a client or customer feel valued and more likely to recommend your business to others.

The next time your business  considers promotional and marketing options, remember lanyards are a cost beneficial and effective tool at your disposal.   

Security and Identification

Security and keeping your employees safe should be high on the list of priorities for businesses. Lanyards are a cheap and easy solution for security purposes. They are the most practical method for carrying ID badges and security/visitor passes. In business, you may have a variety of staff and visitors that require various levels of security. Visitor ID can play a prominent role in keeping your building and staff secure. If all staff and visitors are required to wear an ID badge, it is easier to identify those that shouldn’t be there. And if you use a double ended lanyard, this makes sure ID badges are prominently displayed. Making safety and security as straightforward as possible.   

Exhibitions and Conferences

Conferences and events are considered the gold standard for business networking opportunities and so they often provide an opportunity for some easy advertising and marketing for businesses. If your business is the host of the event, exhibition, or conference, then lanyards can work as a useful tool in several ways. Everyone at the event will have to have ID. We have moved past the traditional name badges, but lanyards are the perfect choice to carry identification badges. They do not damage clothing like traditional pin badges and not only will everyone attending the event be easily identifiable, if the lanyards are customised with your business logo, every guest will be walking around wearing your branding. 

Although currently events, conferences and exhibitions are being run remotely, it does not mean customised lanyards cannot work for your business. Any member of your team can still promote your business through the wearing of a branded, personalised lanyard on camera, even if video meetings now negate the need for the primary purpose of identification.  

As you can see, there are several ways lanyards can work for businesses, no matter the industry or size. To gain the full benefits as listed above, we would recommend personalising your lanyards. If you are looking to customise your lanyards, then you may find our blog “Customised Lanyards – What are my options?” a helpful guide.

Carbon Footprint

With climate change and the environment high on the agenda for many, businesses may be looking at reducing their energy usage and carbon footprint in an effort to take some corporate responsibility. Not only does this resonate positively with consumers, but every forward step taken by businesses improves our future on this earth. As such, businesses may be put off by what they see as non-necessities, but here at Only Lanyards, we provide eco-friendly lanyards, made from Recycled PET or bamboo fibre. They are still fully customisable, just friendlier to the environment. So, if you’re thinking of ordering some eco-friendly lanyards and have any further questions about the environmental impact, longevity, or price, or even if you have a specific timescale, then contact us at Only Lanyards today and we can help you find the right solution for your needs.

If you are interested in purchasing lanyards for your business or organisation, then we would love to hear from you. Even if you are unsure of what it is you would need, we can guide you through the process. Feel free to contact us directly by phone on 01765 233 144 or by email at