Which Promotional Items are Best for Not-for-Profit Organisations?

Promotional Gifts

Not for profit organisations around the world are using promotional products to get the attention of their target audiences by advertising their products and services, and improving awareness of their’ social cause’.

Promotional products can also help attract volunteers and donors whom themselves wear items like branded t-shirts to get the message out there in the community.

Funding is often a big problem with non-profit organisations as the government is reluctant to provide financial support. Therefore, they’re often forced to turn to the public for help. And this is where promotional products can be used to garner public interest.

One survey revealed that half the time, promotional products do help create a good impression of a brand or organisation. Furthermore, promotional products do help improve awareness of a particular cause.

They’re favoured over traditional forms of advertising like TV or print, which tend to be expensive, and their effectiveness questionable. Contrastingly, promotional items are cost-effective and usually achieve a high cost per impression.

However, some thought does need to be put into the promotional product. It should serve a purpose for the end-user, and be good quality. Otherwise, it could be destined for the rubbish bin.


15 Highly Effective Promotional Items for Not-for-Profit Organisations

T-Shirts. They can be worn by volunteers, to promote the organisation, but also be given to supporters and donors as well. Just make sure to choose the right design so that it speaks well to the end-user effectively. You could also include a slogan on it to send a message to others.

Pens. One of the most effective ways to promote a business, a ballpoint pen is something that can always be used by someone. Be sure to choose a design that is colourful, unique and stylish to gain the best ROI possible. Ensure your logo appears well on the pen. If it’s distorted and difficult to read, ask a graphic designer to re-create it.

Scratch Pads. In the age of email and digital, scratch pads still have their place. They can be included on the tables of company meetings so that people can take notes throughout. However, they’re not only for staff. In fact, they can be offered to clients as well.

Lanyards. They are the ideal device for holding car keys, badges, name tags, in fact, anything you could think of! As long as it’s nice to look at and is high quality, most people will be happy to accept it and use it for months after. They are another effective way to advertise a non-profit organisation.

Promo Stickers. Although you wouldn’t hand these out as a gift, they are useful for sticking onto different surfaces as a way of advertising. It’s low cost and an effective way to get your word out there surrounding your cause. The design must be memorable and unique so that it grabs the attention of clients, volunteers and donors.

Coffee Mugs. Virtually everyone drinks tea and coffee! Meaning that mugs are one of the most commonly used items in the office and home. When offered a mug, very few people would say no. It’s an item used throughout the day, so it really helps make an organisation visible. Be sure to choose a quality product, and check your key messages are printed on it.

USB Hubs. With all the devices we plug into our PCs or laptops, we sometimes run out of USB sockets. USB hubs are the answer to this problem and can even be branded with your logo. Sitting on someone’s desk, they will be exposed to it all day, so it is an excellent way for not-for-profit’s to advertise.

Wireless Mice. Just like USB hubs, wireless mice are another device that sits on someone’s desk all day. So, when printed with your organisation’s logo, you can’t fail to gain at least some exposure! People will probably be happy to declutter their desk with a wireless mouse, without the burden of the cable.

Tote Bags. This is another item that most of us won’t fail to use. After all, we need something to carry our school supplies, gym gear or shopping every day. Fully customised, they provide excellent brand exposure. Just make sure people would be willing to wear one by keeping it’s appearance stylish and current.

Petite Loops. Nearly everyone owns a smartphone, so think about the number of people who would be willing to accept this as a gift! The loop can be screen printed with text and logos, to generate awareness about your cause. The design does need to be carefully considered due to space restrictions, so consider asking a graphic designer for help.

Tumblers. Just like mugs, these are another everyday item which people are regularly exposed to. Each time someone drinks from it, they will see your logo and remember your cause. Consider the right size and colour, and remember to include your message. It could result in some more donations being made.

Awareness Bracelets. These can be handed out at your next event, re-printed with your logo. When being worn, clients, volunteers, and donors see your logo; hence, your brand is better exposed to the masses. A wide range of colours are available.

Aluminium Water Bottles. These are more pricey than other options but are effective. Consider sending out to a couple of donors at special events to show appreciation for their support.

Lip Balms. Lip balms are another product that can be offered to clients and people to promote your brand. For maximum effect, choose your colours wisely, as this is an essential factor in drawing the audience’s attention.

Hand Sanitizer. Ideal for the home or office, this is another item that everyone can use. After all, everyone likes to keep their hands clean! Once more, your organisation’s logo can be shown off, as well as your mission statement. Hand sanitisers are used frequently, so think of just how many times your branding will be viewed throughout the day!


What is the Most Effective Promo Item a Not-for-Profit Organisation can Use?

There are a variety of different promotional products that can help non-profit organisations get their message out there. As you’d expect, some are pretty common in use, like mugs, pens and notepads. While other, more pricey items like wireless mice, USB hubs or aluminium drinks containers, are perhaps better reserved to key prospects.

Custom lanyards make a fantastic choice as they can be used to hold virtually anything, yet keep your branding and message in front of the customer always. Just make sure that your custom lanyard is high quality and nicely designed so customers will actually want to wear it.