Screen Printed Lanyards – What are they?

Screen Printed Lanyards

If you have ever had to organise an event or used lanyards in a work environment, then you may have come across the term screen printing. If you are a regular on Instagram or Etsy then you may have noticed the term, as screen printing has become a popular method for entrepreneurs looking to start custom clothing brands. But what is it? How does it work? And more importantly, is this the right choice for you or your business when purchasing lanyards?


What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a popular method of print, dating back over 300 years. Originating in China and then spreading throughout Asia, it is still one of the most commonly used printing techniques today.

It is simply the process by which a design is transferred onto a piece of material using screens and ink.


How does Screen Printing work?

There are two screen printing methods available, silk screen and lithographic printing.

Silk Screen

Silk screening uses a tightly stretched screen or mesh template made from silk and an ink blocking stencil or design. Once the screen is placed over the fabric, ink is rolled over or squeegeed across the silkscreen and the design is transferred. As only one screen can be used at a time, multiple colours can be added and used.

The ink lies on the surface of the fabric rather than being absorbed, giving a defined, clear quality to the ultimate design, even on darker fabrics.


Lithographic printing uses a printing plate, traditionally stone, although aluminium plates are now commercially used, on which the image you want to reproduce is applied. This plate is then covered in inks and used to print onto your fabric. This method is known as off-set printing.

What are the benefits to this type of printing method?

There are many benefits to this type of print, especially when considering what lanyards to purchase.

  • The ink sits on top of the fabric, giving a sharp and defined reproduction. This is ideal for text or logos
  • All colours, including the lanyard itself can be Pantone® colour matched, ideal for branding purposes
  • Multiple colour transfers
  • Design does not rub off
  • High quality
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be printed onto your choice of fabric


Why should I buy Screen Printed Lanyards?

Branding and promotion are one of the most popular modern uses for a lanyard. The branding on a lanyard, especially at events, exhibitions, and conferences, can increase your business exposure without the need for expensive publicity.

This makes the screen-printed lanyard an economical choice for those buying in bulk. They can be fully customised with your own design, logo, text, or brand and are economically viable. if you are looking for an easy promotional tool without breaking the bank, then screen printed lanyards are an excellent option for your business.

If you are purchasing lanyards for branding and marketing purposes, then your design needs to be of high quality, clear and visible, whilst being affordable to purchase. Here at Only Lanyards, our vibrant logo reproduction ensures brand recognition at a price you will not find cheaper.

If you are purchasing lanyards for identification and access, such as the NHS does for their employees, then coloured lanyards with a simple design are perfect for the screen-printing process.


Screen Printing at Only Lanyards

There is a reason our screen-printed lanyards in the UK are amongst the best; it is all thanks to our excellent quality products which stand up to huge levels of wear and tear, including the washing machine, and a team of passionate experts who take pride in ensuring your design is reproduced perfectly and to budget.

All our screen-printed lanyards are comfortable to wear, with an available range of widths, colour matched and each one is provided with a safety breakaway. We have an easy pricing list available on our website and a free visual of how your design will look before being sent to print, so we know you are fully happy with your purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing screen printed lanyards for your business or organisation, then we would love to hear from you. Even if you are unsure of what it is you would need, we can guide you through the process. Feel free to contact us directly by phone on 01765 233 144 or by email at