Personalised Lanyards: It’s all about colour


When it comes to the design process for personalising your lanyards, colour is a key element for making your logo, text, or images pop. If you’re planning on using your personalised lanyards for marketing or promotional purposes, then it’s important that you get the colour or colours right for maximum exposure and brand awareness.

In this blog, we discuss how best to choose a lanyard colour scheme and what would work best when looking to personalise your lanyards.

How colour can easily define access

Colour is often the most important aspect of your design. How you choose your colour scheme depends on your purpose. If your prime purpose for your lanyards is for basic functionality, such as carrying an item, or denoting an employee or visitors level of access, then bright, bold, plain colours are the most cost-effective option.

The bright colouring allows for good visibility, so you can easily ascertain whether a person or persons have the right level of permission to be anywhere on your premises. This can be particularly useful in both educational and medical settings, especially considering the coronavirus pandemic.

If you are using a colour customised lanyard for carrying items, then bright and bold colours reduce the chance of loss.

How colour can help your brand visibility

If you are purchasing lanyards for promotional or marketing purposes then bold colours also work well, but you should always use the existing colour scheme associated with your brand. You should never pick colours that clash or diminish your text, logo, or branding.

Branding and logos are an integral part of any marketing tool, so not only is this an important aspect to get right, you also must consider the canvas on which it is being used, in this case, lanyards.

Lanyards have a small surface area, so keep your design simple. Sharp contrast colours are favourable, whilst any logos or text needs to be visible and your brand to be identifiable at a distance. Successful designs have minimal but bold elements. It also helps to be unique and recognisable to help build connections – it also needs to be aesthetically appealing; you want to create positive associations in the customers' mind.  So, choose your colours wisely!

How colour affects text

One of the most common requests we get here at Only Lanyards is to personalise a lanyard with text. Staff, emergency medical personnel and security personnel are often the primary reasons for personalising your lanyard with text, although text can be used for promotional purposes, but how does this work with colour? If you are planning to customise your lanyards with text, you will require a contrasting and bold colour to enable the text to stand out from the base colours. This helps the text to be easily read or identified.

Personalised lanyards from Only Lanyards

Here at Only Lanyards, we have a fantastic range of lanyards and lanyard options. If you cannot find what you are looking for on the website, or if you have a query regarding personalised lanyards that you cannot find an answer to, check out our frequently asked questions on personalisation below:

  • What colour schemes do you use?

We offer Pantone, RGB and hex colour schemes, so you are sure to find the correct colour scheme to suit your business needs.

  • Can you design the lanyard for me?

We provide a bespoke design service and with years in the industry, we know what will and will not work for a lanyard. We give advice on your graphics, logo and colours and produce your customised design. We also provide the correct spacing and layout service entirely for free! Once we have finalised your personalised lanyard, we will send you a visual of the design, before the order is placed, so we know you are happy with how the finished product will look.

  • What types of lanyards are customisable?

All our lanyards, from screen printed to woven, can be personalised with a design. And if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, we also have a full range of designer lanyards! However, your material is often guided by your artwork requirements, and exactly how you wish your lanyard to look. We'll normally recommend one of two of our most popular fabrics, but should you want something different we'll be happy to advise you accordingly.

  • Spot Colours printed on Flat (Ribbed) Polyester

Ideally suited for up to 4 spot colours (a spot colour is a solid colour without any gradient), these are usually printed on one side of the fabric, but you can choose both at additional cost.

We normally recommend 20mm width as the best width to display your logo and details, but you can choose anything from 10mm up to 25mm).

  • Full colour logos printed on Smooth Satin Material

These are generally known as dye sublimated or heat transfer lanyards, which refers to the method of printing as opposed to the material.

Now becoming more and more popular, as we can supply printed lanyards of this style in as little as two days.

Ideal for full colour, picture quality graphics and fine detail.

As an added benefit, these are printed to both sides of the lanyard as standard.

  • How do I send you my design?

If you do not want to take advantage of our bespoke design service, you can do the design yourself, although we can advise or help if needed and you will need to bear in mind the following. Although straps can be customised by width and length, they also need to be comfortable for the wearer, so a clever design is usually better than having to alter the width too much.

We are happy for you to submit your design should you wish, but at the very start of the process we'll ask for your artwork and let you see some visuals before you even start the ordering process.

The things we will need from you are:

  • The logo in editable format - please see our Artwork Guidelines that you may wish to pass on to your printers/advertising agency etc who may be able to supply you with this if you do not have it.
  • Colour references for both the material and logos - again see artwork guidelines.

If you feel that personalised lanyards could be a useful promotional tool to get your brand and business out there, or if you are interested in personalised or custom lanyards and want a bespoke design, with excellent service at a great price, then call our sales team today on 01765 233 144 email us at We can discuss all your requirements and options, and we can find the perfect solution for your business.