Dye Sublimated Lanyards – What are they?

Dye Sublimated Lanyards

Why do some companies bother issuing lanyards? Security is one of the main reasons. It’s for this reason why many companies pay little attention to the buying process, missing out on many advantages lanyards can offer. Personalised lanyards, in particular, are very beneficial for both businesses and the wearer. Here’s why.

11 Benefits of Using Lanyards in Businesses

Whether you’re placing your first ever order, or ordering lanyards for the first-ever time, you’ll need to make sure you’re ordering the right type that suits all your needs. To help you with this, here is a guide to some of the benefits of lanyards.

  1. Good for Security. Using lanyards can lower the risk of a security breach because they can be personalised with logos, text and images. Intruders can be quickly identified simply by checking if they’re not wearing a lanyard. In the workplace, it’s common for staff to use lanyards along with an ID badge that also allows access to different parts of the building. It’s even possible to use lanyards of different colours for different people within a building, improving security even further. Security personnel immediately know who people are and whether they’ve signed in correctly. 
  2. Encourages New Sales & Better Profit. Many companies continue to use old school marketing tactics to build sales and improve their profits. While printed lanyards somewhat fit into this category, they are highly visible and leave a lasting impression on a customer. This can lead to further sales, despite not always being obvious. 
  3. Enhances Brand Visibility. Considering that many businesses struggle to stand out amongst their competition, using lanyards is one way to achieve this. Staff who are regularly speaking to customers should wear a custom lanyard featuring the company logo, name and text. This alone can massively improve brand visibility. 
  4. People Take Notice. Lanyards are always visible at eye level, so when a member of your team is speaking to someone else, they can’t fail to notice. In other words, the prospect might leave not knowing the person’s name but is sure to remember the branding or company. And considering all the places a staff member may visit day to day, it’s surprising just how many people can get exposure. 
  5. Lanyards Build Trust. For all businesses, creating a great first impression and building trust with a prospect are critical. It’s well known that in sales, people don’t buy into a product. Instead, they buy into the person selling it. In other words, the encounters your staff have with customers need to be right. And a professional lanyard can contribute to this. British Gas is one company who recently latched on to this and now provide all field staff with a lanyard and ID badge. 
  6. Improve Wellbeing & Productivity. It might not initially seem obvious, but a lanyard can improve the wellbeing and productivity of your staff members. No matter who is wearing the lanyard, they will want to feel a sense of pride as they show it off. What better way to do this than with a personalised lanyard? In the office, lanyards create a sense of unity and staff report feeling well looked after, leading to better levels of productivity. 
  7. Affordable. While customised marketing campaigns and materials can demand a sizable budget, custom lanyards are quite affordable to produce. They also tend to generate better returns on investment as well. While plain lanyards usually perform as well as printed ones, it’s more cost-effective to choose custom ones when buying in bulk. They also make your brand appear more professional. 
  8. Don’t Damage Clothing. Asking a member of staff to wear a lanyard only to realise upon removal that it has caused damage to clothing or skin can be embarrassing for a company and off-putting to a prospect. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. Because lanyards are worn around the neck, they don’t interfere with other parts of clothing, making them safe and comfortable to wear for extended periods. 
  9. Versatile. Lanyards aren’t just to hold staff ID badges. They’re compatible with a variety of different clips, so can be used to hold items like USB memory sticks, water bottles, wallets and even mobile phones! At events like charity races, conferences or competitions, it’s easier to identify attendees, referees or even first aid staff. 
  10. Convenient. Historically, some companies were put off from using lanyards as they thought they could damage clothing during use. Or even worse, present a choking hazard from the detachable clip. Today, they now feature a breakaway safety attachment. Staff don’t have the inconvenience of having to show their ID badge repeatedly, and most lanyards are sufficiently long to allow staff to swipe over access points. Badge reels can be added if more length is needed. Thanks to all the attachments available for lanyards, it’s pretty difficult to lose small items like keys, which is ideal for people who don’t have pockets. 
  11. Durable. Modern lanyards are made from synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, making them water and stain-proof. This means that lanyards stand the test of time and the wearer doesn’t have to keep replacing them, unlike ID clips that can break or rust.

Better Safety, Brand Visibility and Affordability are Just Some Reasons to Use Lanyards

  • Safe to use because security staff can quickly identify authorised people or attendees
  • Encourage new sales as they’re visible at eye level, and customers can’t fail to take notice
  • Make brands more visible and able to stand out against the competition
  • Leave a lasting impression with customers
  • Make your staff look more professional which helps build customer trust
  • Allow staff to take pride in their workplace, helping foster a stronger connection to it
  • Usually cheaper than other forms of marketing and are usually more effective
  • Safe and comfortable to wear and do not damage clothing or catch the skin
  • Versatile and can be used to carry many different objects thanks to clips
  • Convenient as staff ID information is always on display
  • Last for years as they are made from a strong, synthetic material