What Types of Lanyard Clips and Accessories Can I Choose From

Lanyard Types

If you need your card to remain securely in the same position all the time, you can’t go wrong with a dog clip or metal trigger clip lanyards. Carabiners, J hooks, split rings and lobster claws are all suited to carrying many different items which are kept secure. However, because they swivel, they’re not ideal for ID cards that need to stay the same way continuously. Here is a brief overview of each clip we stock.


Types of Clips for Lanyards

Metal Trigger Clip. Durable and robust metal lanyard clips ensure items like your keys or name cards stay in place. Feature a spring-loaded trigger gate and a swivel D eye; they are straightforward to use. These trigger clips are also available in a plastic version.

Safety Break. These are incorporated into the actual lanyard fabric and break apart when put under pressure. So, if you get something caught on your lanyard, it comes apart quickly, taking away the safety risk. They’re incredibly important for health and safety conscious environments like hospitals.

Dog Clip. Dog clips are perfectly suited to keeping cards facing forward and level; however, they don’t feature a swivel attachment. Therefore, if you need your badges to face ahead all the time due to security, this is a good option. They’re also easy to open and close.

Carabiner Clip. Suppose you’re hosting a conference or similar event. In that case, carabiner clips are suitable for keeping food vouchers, programmes and name tags securely in place on the lanyard. Overall, they are an excellent way to carry heavier items more securely.

Swivel J Hook. Swivel hooks are suited to carrying cards. If they become pulled or snagged, they won’t easily open. They also have the added benefit of swivelling, although this can mean your card might move around as you wear your lanyard. They are capable of holding several cards, keys or USB drives.

Split Ring. You might know these as a key ring. It’s one of the easiest attachments to hold many keys, cards, USB drives, in fact, any item you can imagine. They’re particularly suitable for cards as they cannot easily get lost or fall off. However, they’re better for access control or swipe cards rather than ID cards, as they don’t lie flat.

Lobster Claw. This is a metal attachment that is very easy to use, so perfect for if you need to replace cards often on your lanyard. Nevertheless, if you need your card to remain the same way constantly, they’re not ideal. This is because the lobster clip attachment swivels around.

Quick Release or Short Release Clip. These allow you to remove the clip at the bottom of a lanyard quickly. This is useful for items like door passes and keys. It also improves the appearance of the lanyard. They are available in metal or plastic, or even a combination of both.


Other Accessories Available for Lanyards
  • Whistle or Lip Balm. Whistles are a must for referees, or they can even be used as a safety device. Whistles can be used with most types of clips mentioned above or can be combined with a custom lanyard. We also stock lip balm holders for lanyards.


  • Water Bottle Holder. Attachments are available that transform lanyards into convenient water bottle holders. So, no matter where you are, you’ll no longer need to feel dehydrated! They’re particularly useful in sports like biking or walking.


  • Lanyard Length Adjuster. Having to wear a lanyard that’s too long is not only annoying but a potential safety risk also if it becomes caught on something. Lanyard length adjusters contain a gripping mechanism that easily adjusts to different lanyard fabrics.


  • USB Drive Holder. The ideal way to make sure your important files will never go missing. They contain a unique clip at one end that securely holds your USB drive in place. They can be handed out to delegates or clients, incorporating your logo and branding. They’re also environmentally friendly, taking away the need for printed materials.


  • ID Cardholders. ID cardholders are used for pre-printed or membership cards and are the same size as a bank card. They come in a variety of colours and permanently attach to your lanyard. They can be supplied in either landscape or portrait and can even be printed. An enclosed version is also available.


  • PVC Pouches. Clear wallets with holes punched in that are compatible with single or double-ended lanyards. Different sizes are available, or custom sizes can be made. They’re ideal for printed paper or plastic cards.


There is No Shortage of Types of Clips and Accessories for Lanyards

There are lots of different types of clips available for lanyards. The two most commonly used tend to be metal trigger clips and dog clips because they keep cards secure and facing the same way all the time.

There are other secure clips available to hold cards on lanyards like carabiner clips, J hooks, split rings and lobster claws. However, they swivel, so might not be suitable for events like conferences where ID cards have to be shown continually.

A range of other useful attachments are available for lanyards. PVC pouches and ID cardholders are perhaps the more obvious ones. However, others, you might never have considered, such as USB drive attachments and lanyard length adjusters. Whistles and lip balm holders a