The importance of school lanyards

The importance of school lanyards 1

Lanyards are a common sight in today’s schools, where they are helping to keep students and staff safe. Affordable and versatile, lanyards are an easy win for schools that want to look professional and reassure parents that they take security seriously. In this blog, we look at the benefits of using personalised and plain lanyards … Read more

The importance of Healthcare Lanyards

The importance of Healthcare Lanyards 2

Lanyards are a regular feature within healthcare settings – designed to make identifying staff members easy. Knowing who’s who is important for managing security but it also helps put patients at ease. In this blog, we look at the best lanyards for healthcare settings and what you need to include as part of your personalised … Read more

Are you planning an event in 2022?

Are you planning an event in 2022? 3

If you’re looking for cost-effective branded merchandise for your event this year, then have you considered using lanyards? Affordable and versatile, lanyards not only serve a practical purpose, but the right design can increase your brand exposure. In this blog, we look at how custom lanyards are used, and how to pick the right lanyard. How … Read more

Lanyard trends for 2022

Lanyard trends for 2022 4

Life is starting to return to something more recognisable, but has the Covid-crisis changed the way consumers interact with big brands, and what can marketers expect to see trending in the next 12 months? In this blog, we look at what’s predicted to be big in custom lanyards and how you can leverage a competitive … Read more

Do you know the history of lanyards?

Do you know the history of lanyards? 5

Lanyards are an everyday item that you probably have never given much thought to. Extremely versatile and a favourite of businesses across the world for their promotional and branding ability, whilst being extremely cost-effective, the lanyard has become a modern staple. At its base principle, a lanyard is simply a strap for carrying objects and … Read more

Can lanyards be environmentally friendly?

Can lanyards be environmentally friendly? 6

The environment and rapidly increasing climate change has been well documented recently, as the earth warms and we move closer to a cataclysmic event. With a green agenda pushing us towards a more sustainable future, it is only right that we as individuals do everything we can to create a more environmentally friendly future for … Read more

Lanyards for Staff & Visitors

Lanyards for Staff and Visitors

Lanyards have many uses, from branding purposes to keepsakes from festivals and have become one of the most useful tools available for promotional purposes.  However, corporate lanyards do not simply apply to marketing products, they can have other uses for businesses and organisations. Staff lanyards are becoming ever more popular, especially with the advent of … Read more

Only Lanyards – Why Us?

Only Lanyards - Why Us? 7

If you are looking for a lanyard, then you find it hard to find the right option for you. Choosing a lanyard can involve design, style, and material, so here at Only Lanyards we pride ourselves on making this process as easy as possible for our customers.  Our focus is on you, the customer, not … Read more

How Lanyards Can Help Your Brand Identity

The Importance of Business Branding

In the current digital world, a strong brand identity is vital to separate you from other business, as when competition is fierce, having a recognisable brand not only can give you the edge over your rivals, but may be the difference between success and business growth, or failure to thrive. If you are looking for something to help build your … Read more