How to use lanyards at school events


For many educational settings, plain or customised lanyards have been an effective solution to school security as a general identification safety measure. As most education lanyards can be easily purchased in large amounts, it is also an affordable and cost-effective solution for many educational boards that are struggling financially from the impact of the current … Read more

Create custom lanyards for the office

custom lanyards

If your business or organisation has more than a few members of staff, then it may be worth considering purchasing custom office lanyards. There are so many advantages of having custom lanyards for your employees and lanyards are an affordable solution to security concerns and can be a cost-effective marketing tool. What is a custom … Read more

Why are designer lanyards popular?

designer lanyards

  Lanyards have seen an increasing use and rise in popularity over recent years, thanks, in part to the availability of designer lanyards. Being able to personalise your lanyards with whatever you want has a broad range of appeal, from industry to festivals and from corporations to members of the public. But what makes designer … Read more

Keep your keys safe with a lanyard

Keep your keys safe with a lanyard 2

There are many modern uses for lanyards, from businesses and charities using them as marketing and promotional tools to the civil service and public organisations making use of them for security and access purposes. However, lanyards at their most base function are simply a strap of material designed to wear around the neck to keep … Read more

The importance of lanyard card holders

The importance of lanyard card holders 3

Lanyards are helping to make workplaces, schools, and public buildings safer with card holders that can be used to display a person’s ID. In this blog, we explore the importance of lanyard card holders, and look at where they might be used and what your options are when it comes to customising them. What are … Read more

Personalised lanyards for all events

Personalised lanyards for all events 4

You’ve probably noticed people wearing lanyards at events you’ve been to, whether it was a big-ticket music festival or a small business networking brunch. In this blog, we look at how personalised lanyards play a part in running a successful event. How are lanyards used at events?  Lanyards are a popular mechanism for quickly identifying … Read more

Personalised lanyards: brand awareness made simple

Personalised lanyards: brand awareness made simple 6

If you’re looking for promotional merchandise to raise brand awareness, then consider using customised lanyards. They’re cost-effective, simple to execute, and the right design can help you stand out in a crowd. In this blog, we look at how to use lanyards for brand awareness, and delve into the options available for customising them. How … Read more