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Blog 1

Lanyards for music festivals

It's fast approaching the season for music festivals and with planning well underway, have you thought about how you'll use lanyards at your event? In this blog, we look at how to get the most ...
Blog 2

Complete guide to lanyards for keys

You might have seen people wearing their keys on a lanyard and wondered whether you or your team would benefit from doing the same. In this guide, we look at some of the advantages to ...
Blog 3

Lanyard card holders – it’s all about style

Lanyard card holders are plastic attachments that fit to the bottom of a lanyard to display the wearer’s ID. Like everything else that's great about the lanyard, card holders can be customised to suit your ...
Blog 4

Personalised lanyards – get creative

If you like the functionality of a lanyard, but you want to up the ante with something a bit more creative, then we can help. Lanyards can be customised in all sorts of ways – ...
Blog 5

The importance of school lanyards

Lanyards are a common sight in today’s schools, where they are helping to keep students and staff safe. Affordable and versatile, lanyards are an easy win for schools that want to look professional and reassure ...
Blog 6

The importance of Healthcare Lanyards

Lanyards are a regular feature within healthcare settings – designed to make identifying staff members easy. Knowing who’s who is important for managing security but it also helps put patients at ease. In this blog, ...