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Visitor Identification

Why it is Important to Have Visitor Identification for your Business

Under normal circumstances this would be a straightforward matter of security, company brand image, access and safety. But at the time of writing this blog, we are currently not in normal circumstances. With Covid-19 running ...
How Lanyards Can Keep You Safe

How Lanyards Can Keep You Safe

Lanyards have a multitude of uses, but most people nowadays associate them with corporations and as a promotional item. However, one of their better uses is for keeping people safe. These are specifically helpful for ...
Design Your lanyard

Branded Lanyards and How They Can Help Your Business

The most modern use for a lanyard is for promotional purposes. It can be customised with any design and is affordable to produce and purchase, making a lanyard an economically viable and popular advertising choice ...
Types of Lanyards

Types of Lanyards

When it comes to lanyards, you may think that the types and options available to you are limited. After all, it’s just a lanyard. But depending on it’s purpose, there are actually a surprising number ...
Sunflower Lanyards

The Sunflower Lanyard

This has been a tough year for many of us and with the NHS under a lot of pressure to provide care for both the general population and for patients suffering with Covid-19, and with ...
Lanyard History

The Lanyard – A History

We mostly associate lanyards with something your company or business requires you to wear for security purposes. Or at corporate events and trade shows where they are handed out like sweets for promotional purposes. Maybe ...